Friday, April 15, 2016

DARK INTRUDER / Shamley Productions, Universal Pictures - 1965

Here's a redo from a 2008 post that had horrible stills, so, time to take another look at this Jack the Ripper/Mr. Hyde tale with a sci-fi twist TV movie. It stars Dungeon Favorites Leslie (FORBIDDEN PLANET) Nielsen and Mark (AGENT FOR H.A.R.M.) Richman. This movie is finally available on DVD along with THE NIGHT WALKER, making for a great double feature!

I have a sound clip for your approval, sooooo, you can push the big red 'GO' button located there by our Psycho From Space, NOW, Rufus The Gnat!.. Here's... DARK INTRUDER!

There has been a number of Ripper style murders in old SF, throats torn to shreds basically. And as always, a small weird porcelain figure is left at the scene by the murderer...

Leslie plays private detective, Brett Kingsford. He's bent on solving the horrifying mystery.

He's friends with Robert Vandenburg, Mark's character. Here they are discussing the murders. It seems like Robert knows more than he's letting on.

Brett uses any means possible to get a handle on the crimes. He goes to the local swami for advice. There, he learns about the meaning of the demonic porcelain figures.

Brett is then attacked by the living nightmare in his curio shop...

And, now has proof of the terrifying creature's deadly shredding claws' potential for harm.

Brett, desperate to solve the case, takes Robert to see a psychic to try and uncover more clues.

The thing is actually Robert's hideous dear brother. Here, they have a meeting of the minds and Robert comes out the loser and gets the short straw!

After Robert dies, he changes into the monster in front of everyone...

Brett watches with the knowledge that the crime spree is finally over, his face scarred from the final encounter! Tune in again tomorrow when Eegah!! grabs the old steering wheel, here, at The Dungeon!

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Lacey said...

Originally a pilot for a TV series to be called "The Black Cloak". The series was not picked up and this pilot was released as a theatrical feature.
Which is odd considering it is only about 58 minutes long. Quite short for a 1960s film.

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