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...13 movies I watch again and again...Lord Litter...April 2016...
This was really easy, these movies came to my mind without only can be a first part. These seem to be all-time classics of mine..but then there is too much missing..not a single Japan_Monster_Sci-Fi movie, no Jack Arnold movie, no *real* Edgar Wallace movie, no silent movie, no Ray Harryhausen, no Hammer movie, no Christopher Lee???? etc is no scale of values, no *hitparade*. It's just the order they came to my mind today.

1. Der Todesraecher von Soho - Jess Franco - 1972
Call me totally insane.. I like ALL Franco movies. If it gets too much pornography it gets pretty boring cause nothing happens but .. well you know... but ... also his late completely out of control video experiments are nothing but psychedelic feasts. For example you get 20 minute dances of naked people in a hall of mirrors, dancing to wild music...I've chosen *Der Todesraecher* cause I just LOVE Wallace movies and this is one - Bryan Edgar Wallace..of course solid Franco style.

What a statement! ..early 1950s cry for freedom..a bizarre *essay* styled movie..." is wrong because he does right - one is right because she does wrong..." Bela Lugosi intro monologue - you wouldn't believe how often I've seen this movie.

3. The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie - Luis Bunuel - 1972
It is a real shame that there weren't more *intellectual* directors to go over the top into truth like Luis Bunuel..put the finger into the wound and act surreal! This is one of the movies that started my addiction!

4. Basket Case 3: The Progeny - Frank Henenlotter - 1991
I love all 3 Basket Case movies - but - The Progeny is so very much over the top and with a strange/strong social affinity that I've chosen this one.

5. Die Hölle der lebenden Toten - Bruno Mattei - 1980
When it seems that absolutely everything is exploited from a theme .. then comes Bruno Mattei and shows everyone what you really can do .. they say he's one of the worst .. exploitation trash?..hes one of the best!! Bruno Mattei is totally over the top .. all the time..

6. Blood Dolls -  Charles Band - 1999
I always knew that I was into the bizarre .. but THIS MOVIE!!!...I couldn't believe it..EVERYTHING is perfect here incl. the female Heavy Metal band in a cage that gets tortured if they play not loud enough or the wrong song. By the way Band's brother Richard Band is one of the most underrated film score composers around!!

7. Nightmare Concert (Cat in the brain) - Lucio Fulci - 1990
Lucio Fulci analyzing his own mind .. if you want to *understand* Fulci, watch this movie..if you dare. THIS is Fulci's definite statement.
In a different world Jean Rollin would've been one of the most respected movie directors.... on planet earth they didn't know where to put him.

THE perfect combination of a bizarre/thrilling movie and a cry for *equality* ..the *normal* are the freaks and the *freaks* are normal..

EVERY film with Vincent Price is TOTALLY up my alley. Theatre of Blood is probably his *statement*. Price plays Shakespeare actor who kills critics that don't like his acting - absolutely bizarre when he makes Robert Morley eat his beloved poodles...

11. The Black Cat - Edgar Ulmer - 1934
EVERY film with Bela Lugosi is TOTALLY up my alley. The Black Cat combines Lugosi, Karloff and Ulmer, has incredible surreal looks and a story between reality and bizarre_ism - a total winner...just like Bela, who is always around me somewhere..

EVERY film with Boris Karloff is TOTALLY up my alley. Especially in his last movies he proved that he just had to be on the scene and the scene started to *live*. Plus Reeves was a rare director to keep the idea of a horror movie but go a real different way..what a shame there are only 3 Reeves movies.

EVERY film with Lon Chaney, Jr. is TOTALLY up my alley.. both, Lon Chaney Jr. and this movie, I discovered pretty late. Chaney with his friendly, mellow, sad way of acting is something really special and this movie is the perfect *world* to live his character...completely bizarre ..caring about his *family*.

PS:.. Price, Lugosi, Karloff and Chaney Jr. are with me all the time .. I may meet one of them tonight ...LL

Bonus Time: Here's an instrumental track I really like off of a collaboration that our band Hermanos Guzanos did with Lord Litter back in the 80's! It 's called "Jumbo Walk" and sounds an awful lot like soundtrack music to me! The tape was called "Surfin On The Moon" and we released it as Hermoonos Guzanos and Lord Lunar!

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