Wednesday, April 20, 2016

THE THREE STOOGES - "Malice In The Palace" (1949)

I've got a seriously wacky week going on, so nothing's going to make it better than a Three Stooges featurette like.......

"Malice In The Palace" is not exactly politically correct by today's lame standards! 
In 1949, people still had a sense of humor!

As in almost every Three Stooges short, this is an obvious setup for disaster! That's what makes them so great!

Vernon Dent had over 400 credits to his name, and many of them were as the foil in a Three Stooges short!

George J. Lewis had over 300 acting credits himself! 

This scene is all about what's happening off camera! They saw a cat run into the kitchen where Larry is preparing hot dogs for their meal!

First you hear the chop of the meat cleaver, then you hear the cat, then you hear the meat cleaver and Larry steps on the cat's tail, and it let's out a terrible screech!

Then the same thing basically happens to this dog! The meat cleaver comes down and the window closes on the dog's tail making him yelp like he's being murdered! 

The next thing you know, dinner is served! 


So they get through that elongated gag, and then everything shifts and goes in another completely different direction!

In order to get to Shmowland, they have to leave Jerkola, and go down the Inseine River, over the Give A Dam, and through Pushover!

The boys feel safe disguised as Santas because as they say, "nobody believes in Santa Claus!"
That's it for now, but I'll be back on Saturday with a different kind of list! 

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