Saturday, July 11, 2015

T.V. OF TOMORROW - Tex Avery (1953)

"The Future is Now, The Future is Here!"

Well, there's a lot of this that is spot on, and there is also a lot that just isn't relevant anymore!
Here's a sleepy little burg pre-TV, and after the introduction of the television!

TV antennas were quite the plague at one time! Cable TV fixed that problem in most areas of the country!

Science hasn't quite figured out how to do this yet, but I'm sure they're working on it!

Now this scene where absolutely all activities were based around the TV is not that far fetched!

At first TV's were too complicated with too many dials....

So they fixed that by streamlining it down to only one dial!

Now, only the one dial is overly complicated!

Here's a TV made for people who squint!

The televisions of the future were expected to be much more multi-functional!

The TV cigarette lighter! I'm sure Samsung is working on this one!

This television came with a complete 24/7 hour warranty!

If you wanted to watch one of those stations that was more than 30 miles away, you had to come up with some tricky innovations !

This virtual concept is really not that far out of touch with what I've seen in some casinos today!

Some things have not changed! No matter how many channels you have, it's all the same!

Here's a TV built specifically for peeping Toms!

Tex was a little perverted for sure!

Again, this is not that far removed from modern online gambling!

"T.V. Of Tomorrow" is another cartoon you can find for free on the Internet Archive!
Now that's one thing they hadn't figured out back in 1953!

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Lacey said...

If you can find it on the Internet Archive you are doing better than I am.
This was all I could find of Tex Avery.

Thank you for your post however. I love these "This is what the future will look like cartoons.

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