Wednesday, July 22, 2015

THE FOGHORN LEGHORN - Charles McKimson, Carl Stalling, Mel Blanc (1948)

It's a fact, I do prefer 1940's cartoons over 1980's movies! To me, it's a no brainer! So, welcome to another installment of cool cartoons from the depths of The Dungeon, and one of the coolest logos of all time!

 Tonight's feature was the third appearance of Foghorn Leghorn, preceded by "Walky Talky Hawky," and "Crowing Pains," and as much as I hate to admit it, this cartoon was released about a week after I was born! No wonder Foghorn Leghorn makes me laugh to this day, and here's the proof, please check it out! Foghorn Leghorn's voice characterization by the genius Mel Blanc was based on the radio character Senator Claghorn played by comedian Kenny Delmar when radio was the rage!!

 Memorize all these names! This was pure genius from a mere handful of players! I can only hope all the descendents of these guys are millionaires, because, unlike the Kardashians, they sure deserve it!

 This was the fifth appearance of little know-it-all wiseguy Henery Hawk! Henery's career began in 1942 in a short titled "The Squawkin' Hawk!"

Henery's Pops explains to him that chickens are giant monsters that need to be dealt with very carefully!

When indeed, Henery's Dad is himself the monster, and about to go on a killing spree!

All the chickens are scared out of their wits! Like chickens have brains!

And then Pop Hawk is confronted by the master of the chicken kingdom, Foghorn Leghorn, and gets his ass kicked half way past the exterior of the chicken yard!

In order to cover his posterior, Pop Hawk tells his son that he got his butt kicked by a "loud mouthed shnook"................................

.......................So when Henery confronts Foghorn Leghorn, he doesn't even realize that he is a chicken!

Henerey's just a little more than mixed up! He thinks Foghorn is a shnook, and he thinks this dog is a chicken!

Foghorn explains to Henery why he's not getting his jokes! 
"You're built too low son, the fast ones keep going over your head!"

But nothing will convince Henerey that Foghorn is anything but a schnook, and certainly not a chicken!

Foghorn tries every method in the book to convince Hernery that he's a chicken!

Henerey makes one last attempt at getting the chicken!

But Foghorn is the one who ends up getting the blame!

In the end, Henerey finally figures it all out, and bags himself a chicken!

Well. almost anyway! You know Foghorn is going to get in the last word!

Literally, "That's All Folks!"


Dr. Theda said...

years ago we read in an interview with the great Mr. Mel Blanc said the the "voice" for Foghorn... came from a loose "interpretation" of one of his favorite comedians... W. C. Fields...
... a bit of "trivia" that we learned many years ago....
... on a note... during the interview he would often switch up "voices" when answering tie interviewer's questions... well worth a watch if you can ever run across it...
Have a Great day Guys...

Dr. Theda said...

He said in the interview, that W.C. Fields was a major influence....

Anonymous said...

Never heard of the W.C. Fields influence before. I always assumed that Foghorn was basically a cartoon parody of Senator Claghorn from Fred Allen's radio show. Both characters used the catchphrase, "That's a joke, son!" And both repeated themselves, because, "You might not have heard, I say, you might not have heard, the first time."

Eegah!! said...

Personally, I think he's a little bit of both!

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