Wednesday, July 1, 2015

PORKY IN WACKYLAND - "Beaking The Fourth Wall" (1938)

I'm kicking Summer into high gear with a new feature starting tonight called The Weekly Wacko Cartoon! I've been watching quite a few cartoons lately (the internet is alive with cartoons), and it just reminds me of how much time I spent watching cartoons as a kid! I'm sure I wasted more time watching cartoons than I did movies! So I hope you dig it as much as I plan to, and without further delay, from 1938, here's the first featured cartoon in the series.......
"Porky In Wackyland!"

Looney Tunes! Two words that say it all, and the music from the mad mind of the genius Carl Stalling just punctuates the whole experience!

The sheer volume of work put out by Bob Clampett, Carl Stalling, Mel Blanc, Leon Schlesinger, Norman McCabe and I. Ellis is a testimonial to mad genius!

Porky Pig's first appearance on the big screen was in a 1935 cartoon called "I Haven't Got A Hat," and his voice was done by a guy named Joe Dougherty! By 1937, Mel Blanc had totally taken over the role, and continued doing the voice of Porky all the way into the late 80's! It's really hard to imagine!

This portrait of Porky in the cockpit is a beautiful exercise in simplicity!

The jokes never end, it's like their brains were on fire!

In Wackyland, this big ferocious monster turns out to an effeminate sweetheart! There are also two moons in the sky!

A flower blossoms with a drum solo!

Wackyland seems like a cross between Rube Goldberg, Basil Wolverton, and.....

..............Salvador Dali!

In 1938, "Looney Tunes" = Anything goes!!

Seriously, wouldn't you like to know the story behind each and every one of these characters?

This is the classic half-cat and half-dog creature that spends all it's time chasing and fighting itself, taking tail chasing to a whole new level!

Speaking of Rube Goldberg, the first film that ever featured what would be later known as "The Three Stooges," was written by Rube Goldberg, and called "Soup To Nuts," and was unleashed on the public on my birthday in 1930. They weren't known as the stooges yet and in fact, Moe wasn't even using the name Moe, but was billed as Harry Howard. By 1938, "The Three Stooges" were so popular that of course they'd be parodied by Bob Clampett and the gang!

Just like this blog, you want information, then you've come to the right place!

Some people don't like cartoons, because they think they are stupid! I'm just the opposite, I think you're stupid if you don't like cartoons!

Once Porky catches up with the Do-Do, everything just get worse!

Gee, maybe they weren't going extinct after all! This final shot and concept personifies what's wrong with the world today! If you don't get it, then I guess you just haven't watched enough cartoons! The internet is a classic cartoon lover's dream, between YouTube, and the Internet Archive, there's a virtual lifetime of cartoons out there that you can watch for free, so fire your therapist and your pharmacist, and get the best high-speed internet connection available, and let's all start laughing again!

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