Wednesday, July 15, 2015

THE FARM OF TOMORROW - Tex Avery (1954)

Well, this will be the last installment of the Tex Avery 'Tomorrow' series around here! 
Don't you sometimes wish your name was Tex? I do!

 Here it is, "The Farm Of Tomorrow," 1954 style!
Very high tech, neat and clean looking, that's for sure!

Science has done wonders in the future, and most of it is what we like to refer to as twofers!
That's a two for the price of one deal in a combination of two things, like in this case, a toaster, and an incubator that hatches chicks in the same time it would take to make a piece of toast!

Tex Avery's chickens were well taken care of with spacious cages decades ago. Too bad this part was only a cartoon!

 This whole cartoon is an assortment of sketches of the future followed by how it would all pan out, like in this case, the combination of a chicken and a parrot! 

 What do you get? A chicken that lets you know when there are eggs to be gathered!

 A cross between a chicken and an ostrich produces............

..........Much bigger drumsticks! There's lots of hungry mouths out there, so more production is a major deal!

Same thing here, a cross between a chicken and a centipede also produces.......

 ................A lot more food!

 A cross between a beaver and a cow makes a cow that can swat it's own flies!

A cross between a cow and a kangaroo produces.......

.......A cow that delivers it's own milk!

 Don't like plucking a duck? This one peels like a banana!

 Now this is a good idea! I saw a tree one time in the Fresno Underground Gardens where a guy had grafted about 13 different fruit onto one tree, so it's not completely as crazy as it appears!

 A giraffe crossed with a race horse makes it a winner even if it's in last place!

 IF all that wasn't odd enough, the real freak show is in the 'Reject Barn!'

This is a stool pigeon! 

And last we have this cross between an owl and a goat that produced a hootenanny! 
Don't blame me, I just work here!


Dr. Theda said...

We have Loved Tex Avery Cartoons since very early childhood....!!!

Eegah!! said...

You're in good company Doc!!

Dr. Theda said...

Just doing a bit catch up on looking at posts at my favorite Blogs....
and catching up on your posts as well, good Sirs... always a Wonderful set of posts Keep up the great work Guys....
... and My little "Crypt" turns 4 years in only Two days...
and we are still around....

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