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THE VEIL (Tales Of The Unexplained) - "Food On The Table" (1958)

"The Veil" was a television show from 1958 that ran for 12 episodes, and was hosted by Mr. Boris Karloff! Boris also acted in a number of the episodes! Since the stories were all supposedly based on true tales, a more appropriate and mysterious re-release title was "Tales Of The Unexplained!"

Welcome to Wednesday Weirdness down in The Dungeon, and the third episode of the veil, which was entitled "Food On The Table!"

"The Veil" is not much more than a showcase for Boris Karloff, and what could possibly be wrong with that?

This is probably just stock footage, but it's still a pretty cool shot!

Great matte painting of the olde homestead!

Bars will be bars!!

Well, Captain, you've been out to sea for 3 months, don't you want to get home and diddle your wife?  
No, it's all right, she'll still be there when I get there!

This place has always felt more like home anyway!

Boris plays Captain John Elwood! You gotta love Boris, but John's a bastard!

Kay (THE GHOST BREAKERS, THE SQUARE JUNGLE, PANIC!) Stewart is Captain John's wife Ruth Elwood! Kay also had the super rare distinction of playing Maynard Krebs' Mother in one episode of "The Many Loves Of Dobie Gillis!" When John didn't come home, Ruth went to the club to look for him, and when John told her to go on home, and he'd be there when he gets there, she leaves through the banquet room and upends all the food and dishes that were spread out on the table for John's big welcome home party!

The Captain already didn't like his wife, so this little incident didn't help things at all! The very distinctive face of Captain Barney there on the right belongs to Tudor Owen of "The Black Castle," "101 Dalmatians," "Jack The Giant Killer" etc fame! Tudor also starred in the"Twilight Zone" episode called "Captain of Lusitania!"

The Captain's ship was inundated with poisonous snakes, and one came on land via his luggage, and when Ruth Elwood goes to unpack his case, she gets bitten by a snake!

Throwing away a good opportunity to rid himself of Ruth forever, Captain Elwood saves her life just in time!

Ruth Elwood is so thankful to her husband, she really wants to make it all up to him, and be the best wife in the world! My Grandma used to make Afghan quilts just like that one!

Captain Elwood finds out from Captain Barney that one of the ladies in town just recently became a widow, and that she was heir to twenty thousand dollars, enough to buy him a new vessel, so he suggests to Ruth that the next time he goes out to sea, she should go with him! It'll be a lot of fun! She protests because she is super prone to seasickness, but the Captain insists, so she goes along!

His real intention was to poison her after they got far far away, and beyond help!

Before she dies, the Captain confesses what he has done to her!

Captain Elwood is just cooling his heels for a year when Captain Barney suggests to him that maybe enough time has passed since his wife's death, and he should seek greener pastures like that widow lady!  Captain Elwood weakly resists, but then decides to agree with Captain Barney!

Time for another celebration, and the dishes and food go flying all over the place, and land in the same exact positions as they did when Ruth turned the whole place topsy-turvy the first time!

I didn't kill her I tell you!!!! (Nobody said you did, but since you brought it up!!!)
All 12 episodes of "The Veil" are available in a two disc set for next to nothing! A better bargain will be hard to find!!

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