Friday, February 27, 2015

KING OF THE ZOMBIES / Monogram Pictures - 1941

It's Freakin' Funny Friday at The Dungeon and time for a little humor with this story about a small plane that has to crash land on an uncharted Caribbean island with zombies. The pilot, a passenger and his manservant take refuge in a mansion owned by a suspicious doctor.

Some interesting trivia... The role of Dr. Sangre was originally designed for Bela Lugosi, but, when he became unavailable, negotiations ensued to obtain Peter Lorre for the part but a deal could not be reached. So, veteran character actor Henry Victor was signed just prior to the date of filming.

Here's a sound clip from this fun lil' flick for your approval, sooooo, you can push the big red 'GO' button over by our village idiot zombie, NOW, Rufus The Gnat!.. Here's a little taste of... KING OF THE ZOMBIES!

Here are Dick Purcell as James McCarthy, Dungeon Hero Mantan Moreland as Jeff and John Archer as Bill Summers. Their plane is about to go down!

After the crash, Jeff wakes up next to a tombstone and he thinks he has died!

The three find their way to an old mansion and go inside, there, they're greeted by the very strange Dr. Sangre.

Jeff gets to hang out with the maid and cook as he slowly learns about all the zombies that inhabit the island...

Jeff has creepy encounters with Dr. Sangre and a zombie, as heard in the sound clip!

The story is rather involved as there are Nazis, a High Priestess, voodoo ceremonies, mind control and transmigration going on!

Jeff marches his zombie crew to dinner, also heard in the sound clip.

Dick is now a zombie, him and the others turn on Dr. Sangre. The doc falls into a fiery pit for a suitable end to his madness!

We'll end with this great shot of Jeff as he watches the carnage from a safe location... Tune in tomorrow when we'll be back with more insanity from the Dungeon Express!


Anonymous said...

Hi there...just dropped on your FABULOUS WONDERFUL INCREDIBLE (the list goes on) site, whilst trawling on my fone. This is probably the dumbest question you've encountered, but are the films (so wonderfully describe) viewable on an Android fone. Don't worry if not... Some of them I just have to buy anyway. I welcome you into my world with wide open arms!

TABONGA! said...

M-2000, no, sorry, movies are not on an Android system. Thank you for your kind words, we value our readers.

snakeboy said...

If there is two things I don't ever wanna be again, zombies is both of them.

But why can't I find the red GO button??

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