Monday, February 9, 2015

NIGHT OF THE CREEPS / TriStar Pictures, Delphi V Productions - 1986

Welcome to The Dungeon!.. Here's a wild and weird movie from writer/director Fred Dekker, it's all about alien brain parasites that turn their hosts into killer zombies. Filmed in the San Fernando Valley, specifically at my old stomping ground, Northridge. I even experienced the uncanny Northridge quake in 1994... YOW!

Here's a nice little sound clip from this creepy crawly sci-fi flick, sooooo, you can push the big red 'GO' button located there by our Dungeon Creep, NOW, Ralphie The Tarantula!.. Here's... NIGHT OF THE CREEPS!

So, here's the canister full of brain parasites ejected from an alien ship as it heads to Earth.

Okay, it's the year 1959 and "Teen Beat," my favorite song from that year (I was age 11) is playing on the radio, as heard in the sound clip!

This couple at Lover's Lane watches as the fiery canister of brain worms crashes to Earth.

Flash to the present... Our teen heroes just walk into the mad lab at Cal State Northridge (?) and find this guy in suspended animation just hanging around.

The policeman who found this scene in 1959 has a present day flashback in dying color. I swear, if I was a long haired zombie I'd look like this handsome guy here!

Here's yer gratuitous topless shot, female stars in 1986 were required to show their wares!

The people at the lab are so focused on work that they don't even notice this parasite laden dude get up and walk out the door, naked and noticed by none!

Alright!!.. PLAN 9 is playing on the local channel, get the kids!

The parasite is out of the bag and the cops bring out the big guns!..

Problem is, shoot a zombie in the head and out pop a brain full of parasites. To me, the effects guys didn't take enough time to make the dummy look more realistic.

Jason Lively is the hero, seen here torching parasites dressed in formal attire with a carnation.

Why take a chance, burn the whole freakin' place down! USA!.. USA!

But, quess what?.. This pooch is spitting out parasites to start the fun all over!

Here's a very cool faux EC comic cover with a nice zombie portrait!.. Tune in again on Wednesday when we continue down the track aboard The Dungeon Express!


Tommy Ross said...

very cool! missed this one somehow, love Jason Lively, thanks for the reco!

Dr. Theda said...

We always found this one to be a fun film...
But with no working VCR... we do not get to view our movies these days ... Cool post...
the "Blog" ... "A Field Guide to Doomsday" has a great post on this film with many cool pictures....
... Was looking over it yesterday ... A great day to you guys....

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