Saturday, November 1, 2014

FRIGHT NIGHT - J. Geils Band - "For Real" (1985)

 Halloween might be over, but as you well know, the horror never stops down in The Dungeon! So tonight I'm going somewhere that I'm usually too scared to go, the year 1985, and a fun little flick called..........


 "Fright Night" is almost two hours long and is filled with frightening eye candy, and I've had to reduce it down to 20 pictures and two minutes! It was a daunting task! Although it doesn't sound much like it to me, the title song was performed by the J. Geils Band! The entire soundtrack is great with tunes by April Wine, White Sister, Devo, Ian Hunter, Sparks, Brad Feidel, Autograph, Evelyn "Champagne" King, Bert Kaempfert, and  the Fabulous Fontaines! Good freakin' luck finding a copy on vinyl or cd! The movie itself streams on Netflix!

There's no time to dilly dally around, so let's just cut to the chase! I've said it before, the really good thing about 80's and newer movies is that most of the people who made them are still alive! This is William Ragsdale as Charley Brewster in only his second film outing. William had his own TV series from 1991 to 1994 called "Herman's Head!" He has been a staple on TV ever since! Charley has just casually noticed some nasty going-ons through the bedroom window of his new neighbor!

That's it! It's on! He's been spotted, and Charley's troubles are just about to go full throttle!

Oh, shit!!!

Chris Sarandon is the especially evil Jerry Dandrige! I could tell you many things about Chris, but all you really need to know is that he is the voice of Jack Skellington!!

The always entertaining Roddy (Planet Of The Apes) McDowall is everybody's hero, the vampire killer Peter Vincent! Too bad his talents are only in the movies! Despite the hopes of everyone around him, in real life, he's a sniveling coward!
Charley's best friend is nicknamed Evil Ed, but it was just supposed to be a joke and not rise to this level. Evil Ed is played by Stephen Geoffreys who has had a very strange career going from "976-EVIL," to off Broadway, to a stint in the 90's in gay hardcore flicks like "Butt Blazer," and "Cock Pit!"  After taking a few years off after that, Stephen currently has at least four films in either pre or post-production!

When the wolf's eyes turn red, it's time for the fun to really get started!

Jerry Dandrige's best buddy, and all around evil bastard Billy Cole is played by Jonathan Stark, who probably never has to work another day in his life after creating and writing 182 episodes of the very popular TV series, "According To Jim" that ran for eight years 2001 to 2009!

When it comes down to the final play, the undead Billy Cole turns out to be just another dead wimp!

The big stained glass window in Jerry's house is used to good extent over and over!

Literally, all Hell starts breaking out!!

From "All My Children" to "Married With Children," Amanda Bearse as Charley's girlfriend Amy turned eternally evil has never looked sexier!!

I can just imagine Peg/Gemma saying, 'My Gawd Marcy, you need to brush more often, even Al's breath isn't that bad!' Just in case you don't know, Amanda was Marcy in a stunning run of 10 years from 1987 to 1997 on "Married With Children!"

Evil, Evil, Live, Evil, light good, light bad, depending on which side you're on!

And just about when it looks like Evil is going to persevere......

Hell No!! Die Scum OF The Earth!

Nothing like a good horror host ending! "Be sure and return on Monday when Tabonga! will rise again!"

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