Friday, November 14, 2014

HORROR HIGH / Crown International Pictures - 1974

It's Friday the 14th High School Freak Out with Tabonga, here at The Dungeon!.. Our feature was distributed by Crown International, if you know what that means, you know what I'm saying! It stars child actor Pat Cardi in his last role, Pat also played a young chimp in BATTLE FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES.

Eegah!! sent over a sound clip from this flick for our approval, sooooo, you can push the big red 'GO' button over by our atomic chemistry lab, NOW, Rufus The Gnat!.. Here's a little taste of... HORROR HIGH!

The last part of the sound clip sure sounds like a nice Emerson, Lake and Palmer rip off!

Really, the first thing I noticed was all the weird seventies clothes that were in style at the time! How about that guy's pants?! I wouldn't be caught dead in them! Filmed in Irving, Texas.

Pat plays Vernon Potts, a skinny little nerd that gets the low IQ jocks all riled up because he's not a muscle bound jerk ass hole like them! Again, those stupid looking clothes, jeez!!

If that isn't bad enough, the weirdo janitor, Griggs, is also a tormentor. Griggs forces Vernon to drink one of his secret chemical formulas, which transforms him into a...

Vernon wakes up in his bed, covered in blood and no memory of what the Hell happened.

Texas may have been a leader in seventies fashion, but, that dress is just a boner butcher!!

A girl finds this in the science lab's acid barrel and you get the feeling that maybe old Vernon's involved, especially since the police identify the skull as Mr. Griggs, the weirdo janitor!

Vernon wants more revenge on the ones who done him wrong, this time it's his teacher, Miss Grindstaff. Throughout the movie she has this huge paper cutter on her desk, and, the blade's always in this position! Needless to say, Vernon uses it to chop her fingers off, obviously!!

As they cart the dead old teacher out of the room, the police photographer seems more interested in the nude mannequin!

Next, it's the athletic coach's turn. Notice he's holding his Texas-sized swat paddle, a nice weapon to use on intruders if needed... When Eegah!! and I met in 1959 in sixth grade, our home room teacher, Mr. Altman, gave out swats whenever a student earned it. You had to pull your punishment out of a hat that contained a number of options to pick from, like, one swat, two swats, etc. There was one that we always strived to pick, that was... the Delayed Swat! Yes, Eegah!! and I got swats!

Here's a close up showing the Hyde-Side of Vernon as he attacks the coach! He's as strong as a gorilla and easily tosses the 250 pound coach against the wall!!

Then, he uses track shoes with cleats to rip the coach's flesh, and, whoa, jumps up and down on him. This part is a little hard to watch because it looks 100% real!!

Back in '74, cops were cool and would chat with you as you cruised along on your bike!

Vernon's addicted to killing now and turns on his one friend, Robin. What I want to know is, why in the Hell would you hide in a brightly lit area?!.. Bib-bida, bib-bida.

He's finally brought down after being shot about 50 times, bringing our tale to an end!

Look for Eegah!! tomorrow with more cool junk from The Dungeon!!


soylent lorne greene said...

Boner butcher...Ha! Thanks for this!

TABONGA! said...

Thanks SLG - Made me laugh when I thought of it too..

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