Saturday, November 15, 2014

WONDERWALL - George Harrison - "After All" (1968)

Welcome to yet another Psycho-Delicious Psaturday down deep in The Dungeon! From 1968, it's "Wonderwall," and what a wonder to behold it is!

I used to see the internet as one big window into the world, and that's kind of like what a "Wonderwall" is too, but on a much smaller, and more personal level! I'm thinking that's where the ww in www. originated!

Jack (THE GIANT BEHEMOTH, THE BRAIN, THE FEARLESS VAMPIRE KILLERS, HOW I WON THE WAR) MacGowran is the absent minded, but brilliant Professor Oscar Collins! Oscar has to constantly remind himself to do almost everything!

After a long week's work, the rather eccentric Professor returns home to his flat to relax for the weekend when he notices a strange little beam of light and the silhouette of what appears to be a beautiful girl dancing projected on his wall! The Professor wastes no time trying to get the hole open a little larger so he can get a better view!

The Professor gets quite an eyeful, and nobody on the other side ever seems to notice that he's spying on them!  The gorgeous gal that inhabits the next apartment is Jane (BLOW-UP) Birkin as the very lovely and uninhibited Penny Lane, and she is indeed inside the Professor's eyes and ears! Jane has continued to work steadily through the years, and currently has a film in post-production!

A lot of reason for all the flamboyant imagery is because Penny Lane is a fashion model, who specializes in having her legs shot!

And when her boyfriend comes over, she is also a specialist in having her legs spread, and it's all to the Professor's delight!

The Professor becomes so possessed, he almost destroys his apartment in an effort to be able to see even more, and ends up making almost as many holes as there are in Albert Hall in the wall to further his voyeuristic viewing pleasure!

Like in "What's Good For The Goose," "Wonderwall" is steeped and heaped with a wide array of male mid-life crises, and man's never ending pursuit of what he thinks love is, a young and beautiful sexy young lady! With his mighty pen at hand, the Professor is ready to do battle with Penny Lane's boyfriend, and run off with her to sexual Neverland forever! The boyfriend was played by Iain (THE FEARLESS VAMPIRE KILLERS) Quarrier.

"Wonderwall" is almost a silent movie, so it had to have some good music to keep it going, and that's where George Harrison of Beatles' fame and fortune, during his highly influenced Indian music period, comes into play! George wrote an outstanding soundtrack and you can buy it from Amazon right here!! 95% of the music is ragas, sitars, and tablas, but there are a couple of rockin' segments too! Here's just a slight taste of one of Tabonga's favourite riffs!

The Professor is now to the point where he has become so obsessed with this whole scene, that he's almost destroyed his apartment, and isn't taking care of himself at all! He's a literal mess!

The Professor has some incredible fantasies about Penny Lane, like her being at his lab!

Up to this point, the Professor still hasn't met Penny, only the boyfriend! It's pretty sad that when they throw a party on Penny's side of the wall, the Professor decorates his side, cleans himself up, and parties by himself from a distance!

The Professor is too caught up in his own fixations to even notice that everything is not exactly as perfect as it looks on Penny Lane's side of the wall!

More fantasies, and one including an apple, huh, can you imagine that?

The Professor is totally gone now, and his fantasies have become his realities! He really wants Penny Lane bad! He has to have her, and he decides to sneak into her apartment!

Finally, the Professor gets to see what the other side of the wall looks like!

This is the sad and lonely side of Penny Lane that the Professor never sees or knows exists!

Penny Lane attempts suicide by taking a bunch of sleeping pills and turning on the gas while the Professor is hiding in her closet!

In the end, The Professor not only gets to meet Penny Lane, he also gets to save her, and is declared a hero, which is about as close as he's ever going to get to fulfilling his fantasy, but it's good enough for him, and why not!

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Yeah, that riff is great, especially since it was played by freakin' Eric Clapton!!

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