Wednesday, October 22, 2014

THE SKELETON DANCE - Walt Disney - Ub Iwerks - Carl Stalling (1929)

Yep! Believe it or Don't! Some people, present company included, just can't get enough of dancing skeletons, so here it is, "The Greatest Talking Picture Novelty Ever Screened!" even though there's no talking in it!

Here's another reason I like dancing skeletons, it keeps them out of mischief like this, and I don't have to worry about them!

Made in 1929, "The Skeleton Dance" was the first episode in Walt Disney's "Silly Symphony" series! It was also drawn of course by the great Ub Iwerks who also drew the 1937 color "Skeleton Frolic!"

WHO Go There?

It was a cold and windy night!!!

Ub used a very similar composition except for the spider........ the opening graveyard scene in "Skeleton Frolic" too!

Dogs begin to bark and hounds start to howl, because when the moon comes up all kinds of strange shit starts to happen!

A good friend once told me that at night, cats go to the other side of the moon, and I guess this is what they do when they get there!

This skeleton dude pops up and scares the holy bejeeuz out of the two cats!

OK, Bring out the dancers! I think it's the Bones Brothers! As always, the music is by the amazing Carl Stalling, but this particular dance number was written by Edvard Grieg, and is titled "March Of The Dwarfs!"

Uh onea, Uh twoa, Uh threea, Uh four!

These boys have got some moves!!

Ring around the rosey and pirouettes too!  Have mercy!!

I was fine until they got to this part! Once the pogo stick part got started, I really started doubting this film's credibility!

Now you know why those two cats were so scared of the skeletons! This guy wants to play this cat like a cello, and he does!!

The dance winds down and the rooster crows at the break of dawn!! The skeletons all scatter!!




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