Saturday, October 11, 2014

FLIP THE FROG - Ub Iwerks - "Spooks" (1931)

Hey!! Here we are, already on Day 11 of the "Countdown To Halloween," and yet another amazing cartoon from the 1930's entitled "Spooks," but this time, instead of Oswald The Lucky Rabbit, the star is Flip The Frog, not to be confused with Flip The Bird, a comic character from the 60's! It really is such a beautiful gesture, isn't it, so let's get rollin', crackin', and a movin'!

One year later after Walter Lantz's version of "Spooks," Ub Iwerks brought out his own version!

There's only one difference, this one doesn't have anything to do with the "Phantom Of The Opera," is a completely different story, and is animated to a much higher level in the detail department!

Here he is, our hero, Flip The Frog out alone on a cold and windy night with only his brave stead as a companion!

Seriously, it's hard for my little pea brain to comprehend that only one man was responsible for all this amazing imagery, it is almost beyond my grasp of reality! You know when people ask you who you'd like to meet from all of history, I'm thinking Mr. Ubbe Ert Iwwerks would be a damn fine choice! It's almost like he was from another planet! Ub passed away in 1971 at the age of 70, and I seriously doubt there will ever be another talent such as his!

Are you starting to get scared yet?

Flip's choice of refuge might not be the best decision in the world! Like the rain wasn't that bad!

Ub Iwerks wrote, animated, directed, and produced "Spooks!!!!"

He had some help with production from Pat Powers, and the Master of all the Maestros, Carl W. Stalling was the genius who supplied the music! Carl Stalling should be in some kind of record book if he's not already, for his remarkable career that includes an unthinkable 760 credits!! Ok, sure, they're all shorts, but still, that has to be the greatest run of all time without a freakin' doubt! I'm tired just thinking about it! Here's a bit of what Carl brought to the table in this freak fest!

Dinner is served!!

Flip pretends to be enjoying himself, but hands off the bone to a skeleton dog when his skeleton host isn't watching!

Hubba, Hubba, bring on the ladies!!

The personality that Ub was able to put into this skeleton character is totally off the charts at times! Here he measures Flip up for a certain untimely fate!

It's not what the face of the clock says, but this is 13 o'clock in our world!

Oh, boy, Flip has really got himself into serious trouble this time!

Now you see what the measuring was all about, Flip is the perfect size to fit the last display case he has in his collection of death!

One big explosion ends the whole ordeal.......

.......and Flip and his faithful stead can ride off together in love, peace, and understanding!

......OR, Can they?

Flip streams many places these days on Youtube, Here's just one of them! You really can't go wrong!


Craftypants Carol said...

man that looks great too!

i love the skeleton chicken :)

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

I haven't seen them all Carol, but I'm pretty sure that any cartoon by Ub Iwerks is going to be pretty damn entertaining! At least that's what I would expect!

Moj najbolji drug lobanja said...

Awesome! Great fan. Where did you find pics in good quality?

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Thanx Moj! It all came from that Youtube link and some help from Photoshop!

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