Wednesday, October 15, 2014

BETTY BOOP - The Fleischer Brothers - "Is My Palm Read" (1933)

 Well, the Countdown's about halfway done, so before it's too late here's some scary stuff from 1933, Betty BOO!p style!
You can find Halloween wallpaper like this and lots of other cool stuff at the Betty Boop Pictures Archive!

Now it doesn't sound like a very scary title, but "Is My Palm Read" is filled with all kinds of ghosts and other weirdass unexplainable phenomena, and it's all brought to you courtesy of those wacky guys, the Fleischer Brothers, with Dave doing the directing, and Max doing the producing!

The only member of the cast that gets any credit is the marvelous Mae Questel who did Betty's voice in over 150 different films! If that's not enough, Mae was also the voice of Olive Oyl too and a ton other voices like Sweet Pea and Little Audrey too! I'm just assuming there is a shrine to her somewhere, and if not, why not??

This is about as sweet and innocent as Betty Boop has ever looked! She looks like she's going to church on Easter Sunday!

Betty is all decked out because she's going to get her fortune read!

Here's how perverts Bimbo and Koko assist Betty, by looking through her dress when the light is right!

Bimbo predicts Betty's future using a crystal ball, and there never is any palm reading, just the Fleischer's taking a little artistic license with different factions of mysticism!

First thing that shows up in Bimbo's crystal ball is a butt nekkid baby Betty, followed by this ship that is just about to go under!

Betty was on that ship and she's about to find herself on some strange desert island, where even the waves reach out and pat her butt as she's washed ashore!

"Is My Palm Read" exploits two genres of film that would turn out to both be very popular, Jungle movies, and Horror movies!

How can you go wrong with ghosts in the jungle? Not possible! (Except maybe for Clutch Cargo!)

This living 'Hut Of Horror' snatches Betty right up and deposits her inside!

More ghosts, and a spider makes web bars on the window so that Betty is trapped!

Betty's pretty resourceful, she writes help on a board and burns it in the fireplace, and the smoke sends out the distress call in very nice cursive handwriting!

Bimbo picks up the signal and is able to rush in and rescue Betty and  make himself look like the big hero!

Back at the parlor, Bimbo then reveals to Betty that he is the psychic reading her future!

But then out of nowhere, the ghosts show up for real this time and drag Betty and Bimbo back to the jungle prophecy!

Betty and Bimbo lead the bevy of ghosts on a wild chase through the jungle......

..........that culminates in a hollow log that Betty and Bimbo are able to exit, but the ghosts get bounced on by Bimbo one by one and go down to the bottom of the gorge to their untimely demise for the second time!

Here's a parting shot that will also make for some fine wallpaper from another completely unrelated cartoon, "Have You Got Any Castles" from 1938 that I was going to do for the "Countdown To Halloween," but decided against! It's not really a scary cartoon, but there was this one small scene that included this killer Gruesome Foursome that I just couldn't leave behind!


Andy said...

I love that you guys have done a couple of posts about strange animation lately - there's so much from the 20s-40s from this country and a TON from eastern Europe during the Communist era...odds are, the stranger the visuals, the better the soundtracks!

Eegah!! said...

Thanx Andy! You're so right, and it's a nice break for me too! I love these olde cartoon; I can't imagine how many good ones I've never even heard of!

Craftypants Carol said...

this looks incredibly cute!!


Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Boop Boop a Doop!!

Anonymous said...

So cute! I can't believe such an adorable cartoon pairing exists! Bimbo is surely always gonna keep an eye on Betty of course.

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