Friday, October 24, 2014

EL GRITO DE LA MUERTE aka THE LIVING COFFIN / Alameda Films, Young America Productions Inc. - 1959

It's time to go south of the border for our Halloween Countdown Continuation, here's a western style horror story from 1959 shot in color concerning the legend of "The Crying Woman" as our cowboy hero Gastón and his sidekick Crazy Wolf investigate an attempted murder in a small Mexican town...

Eegah!! sent over a little sound clip of the theme and more for our earjoyment, sooooo, you can push the big red 'GO' button over by our regular coffin, NOW, Rufus The Gnat!.. Here's a taste of... THE LIVING COFFIN!

Gastón and Crazy Wolf meet the ranch family that's supposedly haunted by spirits and vampires! That's a portrait of the woman they believe is haunting the place.

Gastón, played by Gastón Santos, and his friend go to the saloon and encounter two bad hombres that threaten them. In a great barroom brawl, Gastón knocks them both out, big time! Santos was also in THE BLACK PIT OF DR. M and SWAMP OF THE LOST SOULS, movies we have already posted, here at The Dungeon.

The crusty old witch shows up, and, she murders an older women living there in the house!

After another tussle with the bad hombres, Gastón falls into some quicksand but is saved by his super intelligent horse that doesn't even get a freakin' credit!

The dead are buried in the tomb beneath the house, but, are they really dead?!

Here, Crazy Wolf stays with the horse while Gastón goes through a large panel in the wall which leads to an unknown part of the underground structure. Guess what?!.. The horse found the entrance!! Seeing Crazy Wolf with his holster and guns reminds me of playing cowboys with friends when I was a little guy.

Gastón shows Maria that what she thought was a ghost is just a mannequin!

Crazy Wolf uses his revolver to conk the bad guys in the head after they show up for the fun!

The Witch then grabs Maria and tries to claw her eyes out before being saved by Gastón!

The Witch tries to escape but is met by Gaston's horse, it rises up and comes down on the old hag with it's hoofs and stomps the crap out of her!!

And, we find out that she is a he, part of the gang of crooks responsible for the mayhem!

Tune in tomorrow when Eegah!! brings us another one of his special Halloween Countdown posts!

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