Saturday, July 5, 2014

PROJECT: POTEMKIN - "The Night The Stars Fell From The Sky" (2014)

Welcome everybody to the Super Saturday Spoonful Of Stars Special and part two of  the "Project: Potemkin" project!!

If you thought the first part of "Project: Potemkin" was good, well, hold on to your hats and tighten up your seat belt, because these amateur film makers dare to go where no man has ever ventured before! While most of their projects are shorts, this is a full-blown one hour adventure! Well, it would be an hour if there were commercials every 15 minutes!

The title is quite poetic, "The Night The Stars Fell From The Sky" and it sets a friendly tone for what is about to take place!

Unknown Planet? Now that can't possibly be good news! Better go down and check it out and find out what's going on!

Jeffrey Green is back as the hand wringing Captain Alec Grigory! He's got his sweaty palms full this time! Joining Jeffrey is Christin Woods as the Vulcanized Ensign T'Noshi! Jeffrey also directed this full length episode!

This young fellah has an attitude to go along with that horn growing out of his head! He's got a future in the future!

Beaming up or down makes for such iconic imagery! I was amazed when we were doing our public access TV show years ago called "Offbeat," how simple this very effective effect really is! The cool thing is, you never get tired of it!!

Randall Landers told me that "The Night The Stars Fell From The Sky" took 17 weeks to shoot, and 27 months of post production! That's a little over two years of probably every spare minute they could find, and guess what? It shows! Pretty impressive, you gotta admit!!

The crew is greeted by Eric Holt as Kalv, a member of a civilization of Vulcans! Like an act by some Noah of the future, this primitive tribe of Vulcans was relocated to this planet many years earlier by The Preservers to keep them from dieing out as a race, like other endangered species of the universe! The makeup is almost as good as the special effects!

Captain Grigory does the hokey pokey in an attempt at communication with the Vulcan! That's what it's all about!

Ensign T'Noshi figures out that these people are so primitive, they don't even understand the basics of being a Vulcan, so she attempts to teach them a few things, like how to throw a Vulcan gang sign!

"The Night The Stars Fell From The Sky" was shot entirely (except for the interior scenes) at Radium Springs Gardens in Albany, Georgia, and that just might have something to do with the natural looking radioactive atmosphere! Randall says it was hot and humid, and there was an incessant drone of cicada that caused endless sound problems, but you have to admit once again, it might have been hot, but it sure looks cool!

While you admire this shot I'll tell you that the music for "The Night The Stars Fell From The Sky" was written by Steve Gallant! Here's a short sample for your enjoyment!

Are you convinced yet?

In a world gone mad, it's a rare moment when you can get something cool for free, but every once in a while..........Here's a link that will allow you to watch this whole project for absolutely nothing! You're welcome!

In this scene, Sara Higgins Mackenzie as T'Hima takes out incompetent guard Krin-tu as played by Randall Landers!

The leader of the backwoods Vulcans is called Sarat, and was played by Dennis Proulx! He's a pretty evil bastard, and after he got his hands onto Ensign T'Noshi's raygun, he shot his own man Krin-tu, then T'Hima, and then he started taking out the kids! Not a nice person!

After being separated, Captain Grigory and Ensign T'Noshi' are reunited back on board the starship! Nice view!!

Captain Grigory has taken a sworn vow never to interfere in other civilization's business unless members of his crew are involved in a life threatening situation, but it's just eating way at him that Sarat is getting away with being such an asshole, so he returns to the  planet, only to find that Sarat has now torched the entire living area of his rivals!

That did it! Vow or no vow, it's time to wipe the smirk of this jerk's face for all eternity!

How do these M-rays taste, sucker??

I wish I had time to put up a still of each and every character involved in this project, because they all deserve kudos, but that's just not in the stars, so for more info, here's the IMDB link!

Here's one final group shot of some of the main cast members from left to right, Bill Mackenzie as Lt. Quentin Caley, Jeffrey Green as Capt. Alec Grigory, Eric Holt as Kalv, Christin Woods as Ens. T'Noshi, and Richard Thornton as Lt. Darrell Frazier!  I don't know what else to say except "Do You Measure Up to What You Aspire to Be?" And if not, then why not?? These people sure do!!


Randall Landers said...

Thanks for the great review and commentary! It certainly was a blast, and we're glad you're help spreading the word about our production!

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Hey Randy, Thanx for the opportunity to do so! It was a laser blast!

Unknown said...

Thanks for this... really well presented. (Also appreciate the music credit... it's so often overlooked in amateur productions.)

Eegah!! said...

You're too welcome Steve! When I started this blog the emphasis was meant to be on music in the movies, and it's been our intention from the start to make people more aware of the Composers and all the fine work they do! Thanx!

David Eversole said...

Eegah, great review, funny and informative. I really appreciate both your reviews of Potemkin.

Saavikam said...

Great review!

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Thanx David and Renda! I really appreciate how much time and effort people put into these projects, so it was a real pleasure to do my tiny part!

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