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ARRRIVA DORELLIK - Margaret Lee - "Crash-Sci-Sci-Patapum" (1967)

Well, the Wednesdays just keep getting weirder down here in the Dungeon, and this week's installment and the end of this fine month is no exception! It's called "Arrriva Dorellik" and was also released in English as "How To Kill 400 Duponts!" There's some things I don't get, like supposedly "Arrriva Dorellik" is a spoof of  "Danger:Diabolik," but "Arrriva Dorellik" was released first in October of 1967, and "Danger: Diabolik" was released in January of '68! How's that work?

Comedy is a funny thing!, or sometimes it's not! If you try too hard, it doesn't work, and there's always that fine line between funny and stupid! In my humble opionion, "Arrriva Dorellik" crosses that line, but then again, everything's subjective, you might find this movie hilarious as Hell!!

Terry Thomas as Inspector Green of Scotland Yard is a guy who without a doubt is an acquired taste, and Terry's humour, just like some recreational drugs, can make for quite the uncomfortable experience if you get too much! "Arrriva Dorellik" amounts to what might be considered an overdose at times!

Goofy, bratty Dorellik is played by Johnny Dorelli. Johnny obviously had something going on for him, he was married to the beautful actress Catherine Spaak for seven years! Just in case you didn't notice, if you combine Johnny's last name Dorelli with Diabolik, you get Dorellik! What a coincidence!

Just like Matt Helm, Dorellik is a real ladies man, and all the chicks dig him the most!

Just like Diabolik, Dorellik is a master of disguise! Here he poses as a switchboarder, and a street artiste! Personally I just think he likes to dress up in women's clothes and wear wigs!

The painting he was working on really pisses off this police officer when he sees it!!

The entrance to Dorellik's secret underground pad is pretty cool!

Agata Flori is Dorellik's secretary Charlotte! Ironically, she was in another spy farce we've got coming up soon,"Operation Kid Brother!"

The basic premise of this movie, and the reason it also sports the name "How To Kill 400 Duponts," is that Dorellik has been offered a job! For a fat paycheck, he has to kill off hundreds of heirs to the Dupont family fortune, not just one or two, but hundreds!

The more than Magnificent Margaret Lee is Dorellik's on again, off again girlfriend singer Baby Eva, and for me the movie finally became interesting when Baby Eva and the GM break into a rousing rendition of "Crash-Sci-Sci-Patapum" written by none other than Castellano-Pipolo-Nohra & Pisano! One syllable in the title for each one of the writers on the song! Crazy is right! Here's just a couple of other things I have to say about Margaret Lee: "Super Dragon Secret Agent," "Bang Bang You're Dead,", "Psycho-Circus," "Kiss The Girls And Make Them Die," "Dick Smart 2007," "Spy Pit," "OSS 117-Double Agent, and "Venus In Furs!" She's a keeper!

In an effort to make Eva jealous, Dorellik waltzes in with four ladies on his arms! He later admits he paid them!

Try as I may, I couldn't dredge up any information on The GM, but I can at least give you this good shot of the band! These guys rock!!

I was doing all right, but then it got to the part where Dorellik was disguised as an African man with a stuffed Tiger on his back that was supposed to be sedated, but alive, and that was about as much as I could take!

For no apparent reason, out of everything that is supposed to be funny in this movie, this shot cracked me up! They look like a bouquet of flowers!

I will admit that this poster or whatever the Hell it is, is funny!!

For a much better satire on "Danger: Diabolik, I suggest you check out "RATOLIK" instead!

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