Wednesday, July 9, 2014

GOLDSNAKE 'ANONIMA KILLERS' - "Suicide Mission To Singapore" (1966)

Tonight's Dungeon spy flick is called "Goldsnake" or "Suicide Mission To Singapore" whichever turns you on! So, let's get ready to ramble....

"Goldsnake 'Anonima Killers"

First off, this guy is not Goldsnake, nobody is! You'd think somebody in the movie was named Goldsnake! This is Stelio Candelli, as Agent Kurt Jackson, aka Stanley Kent in this film, but sometimes Steve Elliot or Steven Candell, and sometimes Stelio Scandelli! Stelio has been in some pretty cool flicks, and his name was literally Mud in "Planet Of The Vampires!"

I do believe this is Juan (Tombs Of The Blind Dead) Cortés as Jean! Pretty sleazy lookin' and he's one of the good guys!

In 1966, pool parties were cool parties!

This gal would be Yôko (First Spaceship On Venus) Tani as Annie Wong, nightclub singer and part time spy!

If you approach Annie and try to tell her you're a friend of a friend, you won't get anywhere unless you have this cigarette holder device to show to her! Otherwise, she won't even acknowledge your existence!

Kurt Jackson shoots a lot of people and he also judo chops a few to the neck with good results, like death! Chop! Die! Bam! That's it! Kurt's a bad dude!

Cryptic Chinese characters drawn in blood! This can't be good!

I told you Kurt Jackson was a bad dude, here he holds off a whole hit squad and escapes without a problem! Suicide Mission I guess! More than once he manages to escape without any real pursuit for some reason!

"Goldsnake 'Anonima Killers" is a pretty rare flick, and because of that fact, it's even rarer to find a good copy! I'm pretty sure this is as good as it gets, because this is what happens when movies go the same route as the dinosaurs! The sound on this DVD was all over the place from warbly to indistinguishable, and at one key point the overdubs dropped out and they were speaking German instead of English for about five minutes! The soundtrack by Carlo (Secret Agent Fireball, Crypt Of The Vampire) Savina swings, but I was only able to rescue a couple of minutes because of the bad sound quality, so HERE's a comical sound bite from when Annie gets out of the shower, followed by a taste of the theme! That was all I could salvage!

I'm pretty sure this is my favourite shot from anything I've seen lately! 

Annabella (Goliath and the Vampires, The Ambushers, Black Belly Of The Tarantula, The Case Of The Bloody Iris) Incontrera is Evelyn, the top of the food chain in the bad girl department!

Here's a sample of some 1966 high-tech surveillance equipment!

This chump guard comes walking out all bad lookin' with his gun stuck into his waistband! Might as well have been a wasteband, cause it was sure a waste of Kurt Jackson's time! One shot, and this cat was history!

Here's how Kurt does it, he gets his gun out, and puts his finger on the trigger and...............

...............No, no, I can't believe it, the guy took Kurt out with one of those circus tent lookin' cushions on the floor! Don't worry! Just as easy as it was for them to take Kurt out, that's how easy it is for Kurt to get back in the game!

Next thing you know, Kurt shows up in disguise as a musician!

Good thing his koto is also a machine gun! It's out of tune so it drives them crazy!

Annie shows back up just in the nick of time looking like some Japanese beetle with an automatic weapon!

And so that's how it goes! You hide over there, and I'll pretend like I don't see you, and if I do see you, we'll have a scuffle, and then I'll shoot or judo chop you, and/or run away! And that's the whole story........


Grant said...

As always, I'm attached to stories with villainess characters, especially ALL-OUT bad ones, as opposed to the Honor Blackman in GOLDFINGER kind. And your description of the Evelyn character and that photo above of her holding a gun on him certainly suggest she's one. Can you tell me "spoilers" about the end of that scene?

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Hey Grant, I watch so many movies, my memory gets a little foggy sometimes, but if I recall correctly, they take him somewhere and torture him, but he escapes miraculously against all odds, and once again without hardly any pursuers at all! That was the thing about this film, and he could take on four or five guys at once and kick their asses, but when he's holding a gun on someone, they're able to knock it out of his hand with a cushion and turn the tables on him!

Grant said...

Thank you.

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