Wednesday, May 21, 2014

SICARIO 77 VIVO O MORTO - "Killer 77, Alive Or Dead" (1966)

Wow!! The 7's just keep on rockin' it, and tonight's Super Seven Special Secret Agent Spy Guy Selection is no Exception!! Today's world is a screwed up mess no doubt, but these Secret Agent flicks will make you wonder how we ever made it safely out of the 60's!

I love the international variations on this puppy! It was originally titled "Sicario 77 Vivo O Morto," but it was also released as "Agente End," "Bazooka Pour Un Espion," and "Killer 77, Alive Or Dead!"

Here he is! Meet Secret Agent Lester as played by Rod (War Of The Colossal Beast, How To Make A Monster, Operation White Shark) Dana! He is the man of the hour! The great Nitzsche-Morriconesque theme was created by Federico Martínez Tudó and Mario Sensi! The interesting side note is that while Tudó was a regular composer with 77 (That's right, 77!) credits to his name, Mario Sensi was really a cameraman, and this was the only film that he lent his musical talents to!

This dude is creepy with his weirdass silencer! I'd tell you what his name is, but have you ever tried to do a Google image search on a random Italian guy's name? Sometimes it works, sometimes it's not a fruitful endeavor at all! It's okay though because, when it's all said and done, this guy doesn't have that big of a role anyway!

This movie has more than it's share of gadgetry, and most of it is off the wall, like this radioactive bullet that will allow them to track whoever gets shot with it!

The fate of all of mankind lies in this man's hands!! José (Sound Of Horror) Bódalo is George King! I know it's hard to believe, but it's true! Somebody needs to be in charge, and he's made up his mind that's he IS the KING! Three cheers for the almighty future ruler of the whole stinking world or whatever's left of it, King George King!!

Meanwhile, back in the pits, spying goes on just like it always does! Pretty sneaky!!

The reason that there was a dollar bill in the title card is because there is a secret code in a dollar bill floating around that you can only see with special filtered glasses, and Lester needs to find it, so he gets this suspicious gal in a liplock so he can get the money out of her purse and look at the singles with some special sun glasses that he has! I tried to get a good still of her crazy black and white checked mod outfit but it just didn't work out!

Okay, remember the part about the atomic bullet? 77 has got himself into a pretty big mess with a bunch of guys chasing him, so he shot himself with the atomic bullet, so his boss could track down and help him! In the meantime, he had to off this guy with a forklift!

If you think 77 is going to get in that big ole tire and hide, then you are absolutely right!

Yeah, me neither! In fact, I think I'm going to have to go back and watch it again in order to get it all straight!

77 does get in a couple of good one-liners like this one after they bring in the guy with the whip with a fish hook in the end of it, and lacerate this gal just to show off! 77's comeback line, "And now I'm expecting the knife throwers and clowns to appear!"

The mini reel to reel tape recorder in the sole of the shoe trick pays off good when Lester gets captured and incarcerated!

This is my favourite spy gadget yet! The telecommunications device inside the booze bottle of a supposedly drunken homeless person!

Hubba, Hubba! This is the alluring Alicia (Whatever Happened To Baby Toto, Eat It) Brandet, as the woman with multiple identities, good and bad!

Alicia also graced the covers of a couple of magazines like this 1968 issue of IO!

Now you know how the word bazooka got into the title!

Agent 77's nick name was 'The End' because he would always either finish a project, or the project would finish him, so with one shot, this movie and the King's quest for world domination are over! Where can you find it? Either at the bottom of the ocean or at Cult Action as far as I know!

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