Friday, May 30, 2014


It's Fantastic Friday with Tabonga, here at The Dungeon!.. I've been thinking about this post for awhile, showcasing the Universal Monster Run from 1953-60. I am not including the Abbott and Costello movies because they're comedies or MAN OF A THOUSAND FACES, a drama. Nope, just the monster flicks in the order of their release! There are 16 of them, so, sit back and enjoy the eye candy, because, Universal had some of the best posters.

IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE - 1953 / First, there's this classic sci-fi story featuring the cyclops Xenomorph monster! It's interesting to notice how many of the actors were reused in other productions.

CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON - 1954 / This is the most famous fifties Universal monster, without a doubt! The Creature was designed by Miss Millicent Patrick, who also created the Xenomorph and Metaluna Mutant... Wow, what a lady!!

REVENGE OF THE CREATURE - 1955 / John Agar came onboard for this one, the Creature was back with a vengence! Clint Eastwood has a small part as John's lab assistant.

CULT OF THE COBRA - 1955 / Here's one I think Eegah!! saw at the show back then, Faith Domergue plays the mysterious Cobra Lady.

THIS ISLAND EARTH - 1955 / This was Universal's only color production during the making of these movies, taking an exhaustive 2-1/2 years to complete!

TARANTULA - 1955 / Agar is back in the best of the fifties giant bug flicks! Saw this one with THE WEREWOLF, potent stuff for a kid back then!

THE CREATURE WALKS AMONG US - 1956 / Morrow and Reason are back for more with The Creature, where, they try to change him into a more human kind of monster! Rarely seen flick, Amazon has only 3 copies available on DVD.

THE MOLE PEOPLE - 1956 / Another great Universal monster, this time the masks were designed by Jack Kevan, who also worked on THE WIZARD OF OZ, MAN OF A THOUSAND FACES and MONSTER ON THE CAMPUS.

THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MAN - 1957 / I saw this one at the theater, what I remember most was Grant Williams in the radio active fog at the beginning and feeling totally lost at the end.

THE DEADLY MANTIS - 1957 / Another movie I saw with my neighbors at the show, lots of amazing stuff to remember about this big bug flick. The bus attacked by the Mantis in the fog happened just 75 miles from where we were, in Fresno, kind of a shout out to us.

THE LAND UNKNOWN - 1957 / Saw this one too, it was very claustrophobic! Jock Mahoney and Shawn Smith step in for this prehistoric, fog ridden adventure.

THE MONOLITH MONSTERS - 1957 / This was the fourth Universal Monster Movie I saw in 1957 at the age of 9, my dad took me to see it, he loved science fiction. The Monolith Monsters were absolutely amazing when they were growing!!

THE THING THAT COULDN'T DIE - 1958 / Saw this one, very low budget by Universal standards. It was okay, best part was the head in the hat box.

MONSTER ON THE CAMPUS - 1958 / This little horror flick kicked royal butt! Luckily, I got to also catch this one at the movies, my favorite part was with the giant dragonfly!

CURSE OF THE UNDEAD - 1959 / Saw this vampire western at the time, don't remember much about it. Universal seemed to be losing power with its horror and science fiction films.

THE LEECH WOMAN - 1960 / Well, here's the last movie on my list, Grant Williams is brought back to finish off a great run of amazing movies from the Universal studios!

Catch us again tomorrow when Eegah!! will be up to no good as usual!


Grant said...

I hardly understand a thing about movie poster art, but the artwork on that one for THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MAN looks somehow like the artwork on earlier posters, like ' 30s or even ' 20s ones.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant stuff, so many of my absolute favourites are here!


Randall Landers said...

Agreed! A lot of great memories here!

iain said...

THANK YOU! A superb post I'm saving to my files. I especially love Tarantula! - it's the UK poster - the 'x' rating is the giveaway - I was 8 years old when that movie was released and I was distraught that I couldn't see it - my Dad pointed to that little 'x' on the poster and explained that a person had to be 16 or older to see it... the UK censors slapped an 'x' rating on *everything* with a horror-monster-fantasy theme and very few movies passed their stern disapproval. When I saw Tarantula! years later, on tv, I had to admit it was worth the wait!

Lacey said...

Again a brilliant post. I am a sci-fi fan from way back (sort of) and love all of these posters. I have seen all of these films and love to see the original lobby art. Thank you.

Flu-Bird said...

If you ever see TARANTULA look for CLINT EASTWOOD in a cameo role as a jet fighter pilot dropping napalm on the big big spider

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