Saturday, May 3, 2014

URUFU GAI: MOERO ÔKAMI-OTOKO - "Wolfguy: Enrage Wolfman" (1975)

Welcome to yet another installment of the Saturday Night WTF?! Special from the deepest depths of The Dungeon! You know, there are some movies that are weird, and then there are movies that are really weird, and tonight's special feature leans toward whatever is the next phase after really weird!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you "Wolfguy: Enrage Wolfman," or as it is also known, "Wolfguy Enraged Lycanthrope!" Just the fact that he's Wolfguy was enough for me! Have they made a movie called "Wolfdude" yet? If not, I'm sure that's next! I did see that somebody made "Wolfcop" this year, so "Wolfdude" must be right around the corner! "Wolfmotherfucker" would also be a good title!

Here's Wolfguy as a little Wolfboy! You might say he kind of had a rough childhood!

"Wolfguy" starts off with a guy getting ripped to shreds by a tiger that only he can see! Wolfguy is a journalist always looking for an interesting story, and he just happened to be on the scene when it happened! It seems the guy was in a rock band called Mobs, and after this guy, there's only one remaining member alive, and they have all died the same terrible type of death!

Unlike normal people, Wolfie can see the tiger too!

Good thing the damn moon's not full! I just stepped outside, and this is just like what the moon looks like tonight!

Wolfguy is the world famous Shin'ichi Chiba, aka Sonny Chiba!! If he looks familiar, it's because Sonny has been in over 150 martial arts movies, and still going strong, he's got movies in post and pre-production! The Wolfster is not real good at taking advice!

It doesn't take long for the fourth member of the band to meet up with the wrath of the tiger!

A former member of Mobs, and the gal responsible for the tiger killings is now a stripper, but the guys in the audience are not really digging this somber routine! Probably a good time to interject a couple of minutes from the wild soundtrack right about here! Excuse my language, but that is some crazy wild shit! Turn it up loud and make sure the bolts in your head are screwed in tight!

Even Wolfguy's need a little affection sometimes!

Wolfguy is captured and they remove some of his innards and give a complete blood transfusion to this loser in an effort to create a Super Wolfguy!

The new Wolfguy II is one tough sumbitch, but just like everything in life, he's no match for the original and ends up getting his sorry ass kicked bad! He not only breaks a sweat, I think he also breaks his neck! What a jerk!

Searching for answers Wolfguy returns to his wolfroots!

Just for the 13 record,  in 1975, Sonny Chiba was in "13 Steps Of Maki: The Young Aristocrats," and in 1977, he starred in "Golgo 13: Kûron No Kubi"

Wolfguy is literally put through the wolfwringer in this movie, and pursued by almost everybody!

Wolfguy is a tough guy, and can take multiple gunshots to the chest without slowing down much at all! Interestingly enough, he never actually turns into a wolfman or a werewolf, I guess that's why he's Wolfguy! F.Y.I. He's also known as an Inugami!

I can't sugarcoat the whole thing, a good segment of this film is a bloody mess!

Having to fight for his life in a number of difficult situations, the final insult comes when Tiger Girl throws Wolfguy to the dogs!

Sonny's like "WTF!? Man, I thought you were my home girl!" Sorry Sonny, Wrong!! So that's it, if you get a hankering to know the whole story or even part of it, since I didn't tell you hardly anything, there's only one place I know where you can find a copy, and that's over at  Cult Action! Tell'em Eegah!! sent you!


Anonymous said...

Yo, my friends.
This is the Slender man video ever seen. It will

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I challenge you tough guys to watch the Slenderman without wetting your panties.

Slendy is real.
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Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

That's what we like, Enthusiasm!!

Greg Goodsell said...

Say what you will about Quentin Tarrantino, but Sonny Chiba's cameo in KILL BILL VOLUME I came as a most welcome surprise.

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