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AGENTE SEGRETO 777 - INVITO AD UCCIDERE - "Secret Agent 777 - A Ticket To Die" (1966)

This weeks Super Spy Secret Agent feature is what you might call different, so let's get this crazy 7 train rolling with three times more sevens for your money and something that's usually a good thing to see on a slot machine, the cousin of the beast, 777!

It's titled "Agente Segreto 777 - Invito Ad Uccidere" and was released in English as "Secret Agent 777 - A Ticket To Die!" Do you think that the fact that The Beatles had a massive number one hit a year earlier with "Ticket To Ride" had anything to do with it?

This is Tiziano Cortini as Lewis Jordan, Agente 777! Tiziano also acted using the pseudonym Lewis Jordan in most of his credited roles! 777's life is a mess! After 14 years as a spy, he has been drummed out of the ranks because for being medically unfit, and he needs money! He knows that there's a secret formula floating around out there, and he figures if he has it, he can sell it to the highest bidder! There's only one problem, the formula is divided into 3 parts, and he's not quite sure where they all are, but he's got some leads!

He knows the first piece of the puzzle is in this "Van Gogh-like" artiste's studio, so he quickly goes there and shoots the guy and retrieves what he is looking for!

777 is kind of a loose cannon, sure, he's only killing bad guys, but he's being pretty rogue about it, and it's upsetting a lot of the people around him! They must have had some money to burn on this movie, because they destroyed a couple of cars in fiery blazes!

Pretty cool Volkswagen Bus ambulance, but I'm not too sure about the colour of that paint job!!

This is Claudie (Flashman, Crossplot) Lange as Elsie, 777's main squeeze! She seems to have a set of birthmark buttons on her breast that he needs to put in the code in order to enter, or something like that!

Part of the reason 777 needs money is because of his high standard of living! He dwells at the "Excelsior Palace!"  I don't know if I'd call it a palace, but it's a pretty fancy pad!

This guy is spying on 777, and off screen there's an Asian guy spying on this guy!

777 enlists the help of an old buddy, but while the guy is talking to 777 from a phone booth, this giant claws comes down and scoops up the telephone booth he's in and unceremoniously drops it back on the cement where the guy is pronounced dead on the scene!

The secret agent guy bosses tell one of 777's old pals to check up on what he's doing, because they don't trust him. On the left is Umberto (Mr. X) Raho as agent Linus Jericho, but in the English version, his name is Clyde! 777 challenges Clyde to a very intoxicating version of the game normally known as Checkers!

Just like everything else in this movie, they don't exactly explain the rules, but as far as I  can tell, it's like Beer Pong without the ping pong ball! Now that would be a good reference point! Needless to say, Clyde gets exceptionally fucked up, and 777 has to put him to bed, and then he hangs with him, they're that good of friends!

Here's one thing you'll never see James Bond do, pop a pill!! It turns out that maybe part of 777's health problems are connected to the fact that he's a speed freak! Can you spell Benzedrine?

So let's get this straight! 777 is a cold-blooded desperate killing machine with no job, no money, and a drug habit, what a prefect 1966 role model!

Do not throw a knife at the dude, that really pisses him off, just like throwing peanuts to a monkey in a zoo, and then it turns around and pisses on you, only this time it is lethal!

Clyde is told by the boss that it's necessary to take 777 out, and even though Clyde protests a little, the bottom line is that he's a company man, and he'll do whatever he's told to do whether it means killing his best friend or not!

Here they are, two pieces of the secret formula puzzle that when put together contain secrets that will bring world powers to their knees!

Hélène (My Friend, Dr. Jekyll) Chanel as Jeanne Cartier, 777's supposed partner shows her true colours!

Lucky for triple seven, Clyde loved him more than Jeanne Cartier!

Honestly, I don't know, "Agente Segreto 777 - Invito Ad Uccidere" is an unrelentless tough and gritty movie! Compared to 007, I guess # 777 was quite a bit down the line! I'll bet there's a lot of other cool untold stories from  Agents 13, 69, and 666 etc. that will never be told! What a shame! Once again, where can you get it? Cult Action Films is the only place I know of!

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