Monday, April 7, 2014


It's Sixties Monster Monday with Tabonga, here at The Dungeon!.. Here's another batch of my favorite horror and sci-fi flicks from long ago, it's amazing how much things had changed from the previous decade, basically, no more rubber monsters!

BLOOD BEAST FROM OUTER SPACE aka NIGHT CALLER FROM OUTER SPACE - 1965 / I love this British movie starring John Saxon and sultry Patricia Haines! This is Dr. Morley when the Blood Beast exits from the strange orb recovered by the military after it crashed to Earth.

DARK INTRUDER - 1965 / Here's a rare movie starring Leslie (FORBIDDEN PLANET) Nielson and Mark (AGENT FOR H.A.R.M.) Richman, and, the ancient monster. It was a failed TV pilot produced by Jack Laird, who went on to produce NIGHT GALLERY.

DESTROY ALL MONSTERS - 1968 / I chose this Toho classic because so many of their giant monsters are featured. That's the thing about these Japanese flicks, you definitely always get your money's worth!

DIE, MONSTER, DIE! - 1965 / Eegah!! and I saw this one when it came out, possibly the best Lovecraft story on film. What I like the most are these caged mutant creatures created by the strange irradiating meteorite from outer space!

DOGORA, THE SPACE MONSTER - 1964 / What an imagination those Toho writers, producers and special effect technicians have, the Dogora amoeba space monsters look absolutely fantastic on the big screen as they devistate parts of Japan!

EARTH DIES SCREAMING - 1964 / Another British sci-fi feature that Eegah!! and I saw in the theater, love the robot aliens and the reanimated dead humans that help the invaders root out the remaining Earthlings!

FIRST MEN IN THE MOON - 1964 / Ray Harryhausen was at the top of his game for this excellent production when it came out in 1964. The shots of the Moon's surface after they land their spacecraft are the finest ever!

FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE SPACEMONSTER - 1965 / Even though this flick is pure schlock, you can't help but love it for all it's zany content! I like the captured bikini babes and Dr. Nadir's horrible makeup on his ears! And, don't forget the great tunes by Bob Crewe and The Poets.

HAND OF DEATH - 1962 / This is another weird little flick I dig the most, it stars John Agar and features Joe Besser and Butch Patrick. The first time you see John's transformation in the bedroom still gives me the chills!!

MAD DOCTOR OF BLOOD ISLAND - 1968 / I have ALL the Blood Island movies because they are so damn insane, this shot shows the monster recovering its head after being torn off!! Besides starring John Ashley, this one has the super sexy Angelique Pettyjohn in a topless scene!!!

MR. SARDONICUS - 1961 / Eegah!! and I loved this one when we saw it at the theater, Guy Rolfe and his dead dad gave us a real jolt, we were 13 years old at the time. A funny part for us was at the end when William Castle was counting hands for the Punishment Poll, he tells a kid in the audience to sit down, he seemed to be looking at Eegah!! who was actually standing up!!

THE SHIP OF MONSTERS - 1960 / Wow, what can you say about this totally nutzo movie, it's about a spaceship transporting three imprisioned bad space monsters! Photo shows Ana Bertha Lepe and the monster with my all-time favotite monster name... OOK! Also, it has a number of very cool tunes.

TALES OF TERROR - 1962 / We also saw this great Corman trilogy of horror in 1962, the part with Vinnie melting was a damn cool makeup job! Eegah!! and I saw all of the Corman Poe productions when they came out!

Tune in next Monday for my last installment in this series... EVEN MORE OF TABONGA'S FAVORITE FIFTIES FLICKS!


Randall Landers said...

Love these movies! Nice group of choices!

Anonymous said...

Wow, without a doubt this is the best selection yet (but I still can't wait for next week!).


TABONGA! said...

Thanks guys, I can't wait to figure out next Monday's selection, still lots of good stuff!

Greg Goodsell said...

Vincent Price: Meet Butterscotch. Butterscotch, meet Vincent Price.

TC said...

Destroy All Monsters is my favorite Japanese horror/science fiction movie. Eleven monsters for the price of one.

What I remember about Dogorah is Akiko Wakabayashi. :)

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