Saturday, June 22, 2013

YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE - Nancy Sinatra - "When Once Isn't Quite Enough" (1967)

Once again, it's time for Super Saturday Spy Guy Night, and tonight we feature the best of them all, Bond, James Bond!!

Now what the Hell could I possibly tell you about a James Bond flick that hasn't been hashed and re-hashed a thousand times already? Not much, so I'll just try and provide you with a little info and some licensed to kill eye candy!! This is just more of a reminder that when you don't have anything else to do, you can always throw on one of the James Bond films starring Sean Connery, and you'll very rarely be disappointed!

.................As the classic bumper sticker says, "Now Go Home!"

We've got a little treat for you tonight, Tabonga's little pal Rufus got locked in the studio over the weekend, so let's give him something to do! All right Rufus, go push the big read Go button over there by the abandoned space capsule, and let's get this show off and running with the theme from "You Only Live Twice" sung by The Chairman of the Board's daughter, Nancy Sinatra!

The movie starts off with James Bond being killed and his body being put to rest at sea, hence the title, "You Only Live Twice!"

But it doesn't take long before you get the chance to realize that his death was a bit exaggerated, and he resurfaces with vigor!

No explanation needed, I just like this shot of James Bond looking back! Actually James Bond lives not just twice but four or five times in this film!

Here's one great way to dispose of some bad guys, get a big magnet attached to a helicopter, pick them up and drop them in the ocean!

Dungeon goddess Karin (Room 13) Dor tries her best to intimidate our hero!

Time to break out the toys!!

Q provides Bond with this super little mini-copter!

Of course it has all the prerequisite attachments, bells and whistles . Nothing too fancy though, still labeled with a Dymo label-maker!

Did you ever notice that one particular type of throwing star looks like a Nazi swastika!

This is the point where it all starts getting a bit insane, and they decide they need to make James Bond look like an Asian!

Well, that was pretty much a wasted effort!

Wah, Wah!!!!!!!

Cute as a bug Mie Hama will also always be remembered around here for her roles in "King Kong Vs. Godzilla," and "King Kong Escapes!"

Time to bring in the big Aryan beast for one tough battle!

The omnipotent Donald Pleasence as Blofeld tries unsuccessfully to get in the last word!! You can find these James Bond movies everywhere, I've seen most of them at Big Lots for three to five dollars! In the real world, you only live once, so what are you waiting for?


Douglas McEwan said...

Harold Jack Bloom, the father of a long time close friend of mine, did an uncredited rewrite of this movie, the script they actually shot.

It's a shame it bears no resemblance whatever to the novel, as that very weird book is one of my favorites in the series. A very strange book.

Eegah!! said...

Read the book! - Sounds like a good idea!!

Grant said...

One of my few complaints is that Tsai Chin (of the Fu Manchu movies) doesn't have a role in it beyond the very beginning. It's lucky that she played a "Bond Girl" at all, but it's too bad that it wasn't a bigger role.

Eegah!! said...

Touché Grant!!

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