Wednesday, June 26, 2013

MUNSTER, GO HOME! - Jack Marshall - "Drag-U-La Rules" (1966)

Welcome to the Wednesday Gespenster Party down here in the deep, deep depths of The Dungeon!

Tonight's feature is titled "Munster, Go Home!" and even though it stars one of America's favourite families, I can't exactly recommend it, but since I try to come from the school of "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all," well, I'll just leave it at that, because everyone loves The Munsters! The music in this feature was composed by the same guy who wrote all the music for the TV series, Jack Marshall! You might not know it, but Jack also composed the soundtrack for "The Giant Gila Monster!"

It can be interesting to see The Munsters in colour, I must admit!

I have to say that probably the best thing about this film are the awesome cars created by the genius mind of George Barris!!

Grandpa's lab also looks pretty cool in colour!

Postcard prefect picture of the pad The Munsters are set to inherit in jolly olde England!

Hermione Gingold and wild man Terry Thomas respectively as Lady Effigie Munster and Freddie Munster, don't want to give up Munster Hall without a fight!

This shot of the cruise liner taking the family abroad is beautiful, and I highly suggest you make an oil painting of it!

At least at this point Eddie Munster is still played by Butch Patrick, but Marilyn Munster who was portrayed by Pat Priest for the duration of the TV series was replaced by Debbie Watson!

Herman is really excited by the prospect of seeing a ghost!!

The high point of the film is to be able to see not just one, but two creations by the master George Barris! This here is Drag-U-La!!

Two of the coolest project cars ever designed were by George Barris and have so far withstood the test of time for a good half a century or more! First off, here's The "Ala Kart!"

Second up is the closest thing to a Jetsons car that anybody has yet created, the "X.P.A.C. 400 Air Car!" As much as I like The Munsters, I have to say, do yourself a favor and skip this movie, and instead go to the Barris Kustom website and spend a couple of hours, you won't regret it!!


Eegah!! said...

Retro Hound pointed out a huge mistake I made! Thanks Dawg!! Isn't senility such a wonderful thing?

Greg Goodsell said...

I saw this with my family at the Crest Drive-In when it first came out!

Grant said...

Some people pick on Debbie Watson as Marilyn but I think she was fine. Like Pat Priest, she gave Marilyn that "aggressively normal" quality that was needed to make her clash with everyone else.

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