Wednesday, June 12, 2013

ROMA CONTRO ROMA - Roberto Nicolosi - "War Of The Zombies" (1964)

Welcome to the Wednesday War Of The Gods, this week featuring The Zombies versus Rome!

"Roma Contra Roma" is kind of a sword and sandal version of "The Walking Dead!" Basically, all zombies are the same, they're real pains in the ass, and quite difficult to get rid of! It doesn't matter what era, living dead creatures are just a bitch to deal with, and they're really hard to kill since they are already dead!

In the third grade, when they asked little Aderbad to draw a picture of his girlfriend, they knew immediately they had a problem!

But when he brought out his new line of jewelry and made a fortune with it, all the skeptics changed their tune!

Pretty dang cool set for a cheap Italian movie! The crazy ass music composed by Dungeon Kingpin Roberto Nicolosi is equally impressive! I give it a 6 out of 7 on the weirdness scale!!

Please kind sir, I beg for your forgiveness, and swear my allegiance to the lord of lords, and the king of kings forever, and then some!

The star of this thing is Drew Barrymore's estranged Dad, John Drew Barrymore as the evil Aderbad! John's career was in turmoil in Hollywood, so he went to Italy to give it a second chance! Here's a weird story I read on IMDB! John's Dad had wanted to be cremated, but it never happened because of weird sanctions by the Catholic church, so in 1980, him and his son, John went and dug up Dad's body to take it to a crematorium, but air had leaked into the sealed casket, and the body was stinking rotten and basically fell apart! From what I read, it was a gross out! John passed away back in 2004!

Can you just imagine how much cash it would take to make a low budget movie like this today!

There are plenty of odd characters in this movie, like this olde hag!

Time for the legions of the dead to waken and go about their sordid tasks!

When the soldiers turn into zombies and attack, everything turns into technicolor!

 Aderbad gets what he has coming to him no doubt!

When that happens, the cyclopian idol goes up in flames, and everything goes to Hell in a handbag real fast!!

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