Saturday, June 1, 2013

GIRL ON THE RUN - "Gorgeous Girls In The Hottest Burlesque Your Eyes Have Ever Seen" - Rose Tree Productions (1953)

Tonight's very special Saturday night feature was made in 1953, and is a carnival tale titled "Girl On The Run!" Have you ever been to a real carnival? Well, then you know what to expect!!!

"Girl On The Run" is just one of the six movies on Something Weird's two disc release called  "Weird-Noir Six B-Movies." I'm just not sure these films rate as high as a B though, but then grading is always a subjective thing that lies in the eye of the beholder! Whatever they are, they definitely got the weird part right!

"The "Palace Of Beauty" keeps 'em coming back for more! Hey Pops, don't have a heart attack!

These are some healthy gals, and I mean that in a good way! The reason they have masques on is because they all do double duty in the International Dance Revue as Frenchie, The Hawaiian dancer, Jitterbug, etc.

"Girl On The Run" has got two major things going on for it, and number one is that it's got Steve McQueen in a very small bit part as a carnival goer, in his very first acting job! That is worth the price of admission right there!

Number two is that the guy who runs the whole show is Charles Bolender, a dwarf version of George Clooney! I don't know why Charles didn't get top billing, I guess it was just because he was a little guy!

The "Palace Of Beauty" sports a fine array of international cuties from all around the globe.......

............And all that bumping and grinding just drives the guys crazy!!!! They eat that shit up!!

The girlie show is pretty clean, but the movie itself is full of dirty cops and politicians!

There's always gotta be that one mysterious dame!

So the girl's on the run, where's she going to hide, but in plain sight?

In most states you can get a fairly hefty ticket for having an unreadable license plate because it's covered in mud!

The dancer who gets the most on screen time is Rene De Milo as the Frenchie Gigi! Amazingly, this would be Rene's only ever on screen performance! Quite unbelievable!

Little George, I mean Charles, just sits back and takes it all in!! "Weird-Noir" can be found on Amazon for as little as $11.48! It's a real no brainer!!


nitu said...

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A Man Called Da-da said...

Da-da is so buying that one. You can get four "weird noir" titles for $14.99, to include:

"Girl on the Run"
"The Naked Road"
"The Seventh Commandment"
"Fear No More"
"Fallguy" and
"Stark Fear."



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nitu said...

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