Wednesday, January 9, 2013

TWO AND TWO MAKE SIX - Norrie Paramor - "The Girl Swappers" (1962)

OK, I'm screwed! I just got the news that my health insurance isn't paying but a pittance of the exorbitant hospital bill I got a couple of months ago, so I'm having a little trouble focusing on movies, and since I didn't know what I was going to do with this film anyway, I can't think of a better time to do nothing at all!

Originally titled "Two And Two Make Six", "The Girl Swappers" is a Freddie Francis directed film which is what lead me to it in the first place, but other than that............You've heard about newborns getting switched at the hospital, (Oh there's that word again) well, this film is kind of like that! Two guys get their girls mixed up on the back of their motorcycles as they're leaving a cafe, and after a certain series of events, all four end up falling in love with their opposite mate!

Yes, indeed it is a problem! The theme song for "The Girl Swappers" was written by Norrie Paramor and was sung by Craig Douglas! Dummy-Doo-Wah!

George Chakiris won an Oscar for his role as Bernardo in the best gang musical ever made, "West Side Story!"

His soon to be ex-girlfriend is played by the beautiful Jocelyn (Son Of Hercules Vs. Venus) Lane! Jocelyn was also in "Tickle Me" with Elvis!

The other couple in the old switcheroo are Alfred (The Blockhouse) Lynch and the lovely Janette (Day  Of The Triffids) Scott!

Both the ladies clean up quite nicely!!

In the end both couples end up getting married and living happily ever fucking after!! Cute!! BFD!!!


Gadno Kopele said...

Hello there, just found this wonderful blog with all of these sweet movies!
Just wanted to wish you good luck with the "hospital" thing. I hope everything will be fine.
Soon i am gonna discover the blog it seems i have to many things to read here.
Best wishes, GK.

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Thanx Gad! Should keep you busy for a while!!

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