Monday, January 21, 2013

THE SHE-CREATURE / Golden State Productions - 1956

It's Classic Fifties Rubber Monster Monday with Tabonga, here at The Dungeon!.. This is a redo of an older post from 2008, time to hit the old reset button on this one! Paul Blaisdell created and played the creature, when coming out of the surf the monster suit was extremely heavy and hard to maneuver in because it absorbed so much water! It's a good thing Paul was a strong dude. And, the budget was $100,000 which was 2-3 times the budget of a typical low budget film! I used to own the insert poster...

Eegah!! sent over a musical soundclip from the party scene, sooooo, you can push the big red 'GO' button over there by the cat, NOW, Ralphie The Tarantula! Here's our audio offering for... THE SHE-CREATURE!

It starts suspiciously with Dr. Lombardi, a local carnival mystic and hypnotist, inspecting a beach home just after a double homicide. Filmed at Malibu beach. Lombardi's played by Chester Morris, who was popular as crime buster Boston Blackie and played many a bad-boy cow punchers.

Back at the ranch, Dr. Lombardi has another annoying conversation with Johnny, his nosey carny neighbor. Johnny wants to know why Lombardi keeps his subject, Andrea, in a trance most of the time. Paul Dubov plays Johnny, Paul was in some cool flicks.. ABBOTT And COSTELLO MEET THE KEYSTONE KOPS, DAY THE WORLD ENDED, VOODOO WOMAN and THE ATOMIC SUBMARINE!

Marla English is Andrea, she cannot get away from Lombardi's influence even when she's awake. VOODOO WOMAN was Marla's last role a year later.

Businessman Timothy Chappel shows up at Lombardi's to swing a business deal... And, to get a special private peep show for a few extra clams!

Lombardi has had it with Johnny's curiousity, so, summons the She-Creature from the sea to take care of him for good!

Mission freakin' accomplished!!..

Here's a great shot of Ron Randell as Police Lt. Ed James, Tom Conway as business guy Timothy Chappel and Lance Fuller as skeptic Dr. Ted Erickson. Ron was THE MOST DANGEROUS MAN ALIVE, Tom was The Falcon and Lance was married for a short time to blonde bombshell Joi Lansing. The gaudy gold leaf on the wall and door really annoys me..

Andrea changes into the monster and almost pile-drives Dr. Erickson with her prehistoric limbs, then stops, realizing who it is and goes back into the ocean.

Then, the cops find these weird foot prints on the beach!

Everything goes bonkers at the end, Andrea, as the creature, turns on Chappel and Lombardi. Free of Lombardi's influence, the spirit of the creature leaves Andrea's body forever...

As I look at this beautiful model head of The She-Creature, I see love, admiration and homage for it's creator!


Dr. Theda said...

You always do great posts on these old movies ...and such wonderful pictures from these films ....
Keep up the Great work...

Randy Wilharm said...

What an excellent design
for a 50s monster.

Great picture quality too for
this lucked out.

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Monster Music
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