Friday, January 4, 2013

TERROR OF THE BLOODHUNTERS / Warren Productions - 1962

It's the first post of 2013 with Tabonga, here at The Dungeon!.. There comes a time with Jerry Warren flicks when one just finally blows your head gasket, this seems to be what happened to Eegah!! after he viewed this little Jerry gem! My moment came with CURSE OF THE STONE HAND...

Eegah!! sent us over a soundclip that sez pretty much how he feels about this movie, soooo, let's check it out! Push the big red 'GO' button over there, NOW, Rufus The Gnat! Here's the weirdest soundclip we've ever put up... TERROR OF THE BLOODHUNTERS!

It all starts with boring dialogue with lame jungle dancing and drums, what else, it's Jerry Warren...

The story's about two new prisoners, played by Robert (THE MAN FROM PLANET X) Clarke and William (THE HIDEOUS SUN DEMON) White, on Devil's Island, who make their escape with the help of the commandant's daughter played by Dorothy Haney. Their plans are ruined when they have to make their way through deep jungles and fight off snakes, big spiders, disease and bloodhunters! Robert plays artist Steve Duval.

Okay, now hold that pose!.. This was Dorothy's only role, ever, probably for good reason.

I dig this stock footage shot!

They make their escape and head for the main port, then find out that everything has to be cleared by a friend of her dad. The shot of the official behind the off kilter panel has an eerie resemblance to the scene in the Sheriff's office in TEENAGE ZOMBIES!

So, they end up hoofing it through the jungle to reach their destination...

The Commandant's lackeys go out looking for the three escapees. Here they are on the river in some action shots as they search the countryside! Just think crickets!..

It seems like wherever they turn, they're being assulted by jungle Hell! Where are the cops when you really need 'em?!

Jerry was a super-genius when it came to blending his shots with the stock footage!

An easy way to create chaos with the natives is to burn their shacks to the ground!

We'll end the fun with these last two action shots from the Warren pitcher factory!..

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Eeegah!! said...

Jerry, Jerry, Jerry! Instead of SEE! Shocking Weird Headhunter Rituals! It should have said SEE! Boring Stock Footage! Crickets is right!!

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