Friday, January 25, 2013


It's What The Maciste in Hell Copy-Cat Friday with Tabonga, here at The Dungeon!.. Since Eegah!! just posted one on Wednesday, one good sword and sandal flick deserves another! We gots a story about a mysterious band of white-clad marauders who dwell in an underground city. Maciste and his new friend, Bangor, allow themselves to be captured by the Mole Men where they are forced to turn an enormous wheel along with other captives, part of a gold-and-diamonds mining operation. The underground city's queen is impressed by Maciste and chooses him to be her consort if he can meet a number of challenges, like battling a giant ape! The Mole Men will instantly dissolve whenever they get caught in sunlight.

Eegah!! sent over a cool lil' soundclip with the catchy theme "The Mighty Sons Of Hercules" with a little sunlit drama from the underworld at the end, sooooo, you can push the big red 'GO' button located there next to the moldy old loin cloth, NOW, Rufus The Gnat! Here's our audio offering for... MOLE MEN AGAINST THE SON OF HERCULES!

Mark Forest plays Maciste, here he is pulling a huge whale onto the beach... All by hisself!!! Mark also starred in GOLIATH AND THE DRAGON, SON OF SAMSON, COLOSSUS OF THE ARENA, GOLIATH AND THE SINS OF BABYLON, HERCULES AGAINST THE BARBARIANS, THE LION OF THEBES, HERCULES AGAINST THE SONS OF THE SUN, THE MAGNIFICENT GLADIATOR and KINDAR THE INVULNERABLE. He only worked in movies from 1960-65, and, get this... He used the money he made making gladiator movies in Italy to study opera and currently teaches it in the LA area!

Maciste befriends Bangor after saving his life from the Mole Men. American bodybuilder Paul Wynter plays Bangor.

This is underground Queen Halis Mosab, played by Moira Orfei, who was also in a number of sword and sandal flicks. She definitely gots the look!

Here's everbloody turning the gigantic mining wheel, working in the pits, looking for the olives!

I guess they're in Africa now, but anyway, Maciste has to face off against this big deadly ape. Maciste barely wins with a choke hold!

This is the secret opening-and-closing entrance the Mole Men use whenever they want to come to the surface.

You can hear this poor soul whine at the end of the soundclip, to not be toasted by the sunlight, however, ends up a meatless skeleton from the exposure!

This is one wild 'n' weird part here, Maciste has to support this giant weight to save his friends as the Mole Men keep adding big slabs to it! Believe or not, Maciste stands up straight, sending all the weights tumbling off the posts, thus winning the day... Wow!

They even gas our hero while he sleeps... Hey, his pillow looks like a woman's butt!

Finally, Maciste uses a giant chain to wrap around the main pillar, then, him and Bangor turn the wheel, taking up the slack and bringing down the house!!

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