Friday, September 7, 2012

ROCKY JONES, Space Ranger: Beyond the Curtain of Space / Roland Reed Productions - 1954

Welcome to 1954 Sci-Fi TV Theater with Tabonga, here at The Dungeon!.. This was Rocky's very first adventure told in three chapters. The story goes like this... Professor Newton, a brilliant scientist from Earth, has broken communication with the Federation and taken up residence on the alien planet of Ophesia. Space Ranger Vena Ray convinces Commissioner Drake that the professor isn't a traitor and is being held there against his will. So, Drake orders Rocky, Winky and Vena to go to Ophesia in their rocket, fake a forced landing and find out whether the Professor is a friend or foe. The edited down feature is called BEYOND THE MOON. There were no actual space monsters in this series.

Eegah!! sent over a fun little soundclip to enjoy, sooooo, you can go ahead and push das big red 'GO' button that you can't miss there right in front of your lil' nose hairs, NOW, Rufus The Gnat! Here's our Earclip for... ROCKY JONES, Space Ranger!

Rocky and Winkie are heading back to Earth headquarters after their mission in space. Richard (ALLIGATOR PEOPLE) Crane plays Rocky, Scotty (LITTLE RASCALS) Beckett plays Winky.

Sally Mansfield plays sexy Space Ranger Vena Ray. Here, she's having a meeting with Secretary of Space (what a title!) Drake about her concern for Professor Newton. Check out her cool T-Bird concept wheels!

Five... four... three... uhhhh...... oh yeah, two!.. one... Blast off!!

Once in space, Rocky and Winky give Vena the cold shoulder, she's ruining their 'woman hater's club' position. Rocky would rather have a pair of fists instead of a pair of boobs on a mission like this!

The spaceships in this series were top notch for 1954. Bottom pic shows Rocky's cannon shot about to disable a foe's engine! A lot of hood ornaments at the time had similar looking rocket or jet designs!

The air gets turned off in the storage room Vena got trapped in, so, Rocky has to cut a hole in the steel door to rescue her. Problem is, he's still miffed about having a woman onboard and gives her a freakin' back breaker!!.. What the Hell?!

The whole ship loses it's oxygen, so, they have to put on their space helmuts. Vena's still out cold from the back breaker.

The gang head to the Federation space station for repairs. They are assisted by William (Harry in ATTACK OF THE 50 FOOT WOMAN) Hudson, twin bro of John (THE SCREAMING SKULL) Hudson.

The leader of Ophesia is an evil lady named Cliolanta, she talks with her lieutenant about what to do after Rocky's ship makes an 'emergency landing' there. She brings in Bobby, Professor Newton's young ward for a little 'chat.'

Cliolanta pushes her big red 'GO' button to turn on the hypno-beam behind her, she then gives the boys some secret orders to carry out!

Rocky's order from Cliolanta is to crash his ship into a planet, killing everyone, but, he snaps out of his trance just in time to avoid the deadly disaster!

They had great locations for all the futuristic hardware shots, including the use of a small electric powered mover engine. Rocky catches a ride on giant crane hook number 2!

This bad guy dresses up like Rocky to fake out Winky, only to be himself faked out by the real Rocky!


DrGoat said...

Used to watch that one when I was a kid. A live-action Fireball XL5.

Anonymous said...

Secretary Drake should've issued a major recall of the space suits.

But the rest of the show was fun.

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