Friday, September 28, 2012

UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS / Ivan Tors Productions - 1956

It's Friday wif' Tabonga, here at The Dungeon!.. We gots a fairly rare flick from Ivan Tors who was trying to capitalize on the UFO scare going on in the good old US at the time, poster sez it shows color footage kept 'top secret' until now! Ivan Tors also produced THE MAGNETIC MONSTER, RIDERS TO THE STARS, GOG, SCIENCE FICTION THEATRE, THE AQUANAUTS and FLIPPER.

Eegah!! made a fun lil' soundclip for our approval, soooo, you can push the big red 'GO' button there next to the atomic trap door, NOW, Rufus The Gnat! Here's the audio for... UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS!

Tom Towers was hired to give authenticity to this semi-documentary, he was the Aviation Editor for the LA Examiner...

The US Dept. of War, the Pentagram!

Flying saucers are everywhere in the headlines and on the air waves... I was stationed at Fort Lewis in '68 and woke up to Mt. Rainier's majesty every morning, but, never saw any UFOs!

Fake UFO photos were a big fad, even Joe's getting into the act!

Dig it, free coffee for all those alien visitors from outer space!

This kid with the space helmut looks a lot like Tabonga at that age! One time, like in '62, Eegah!! and I dressed up as a psycho clown and a D. J. type villain with a make-up kit his mom got us and then walked to a liquor store and played the pinball machine, I used the right flipper, Eegah!! used the left flipper. The place was connected to a bar and a few drunks came out to take a gander at us!

Here's the part in the soundclip where the old guy tells the reporter about noticing his tie color... "But, you didn't come out of a flying saucer!"

One plane cracks up as they're reporting a saucer sighting, so, there had to be a death ray involved. EARTH vs THE FLYING SAUCERS came out the same year.

There's a lot of pointing up into the sky in this flick.

Life Magazine even featured flying saucers in an article, which was a big deal. Funny thing though, Truman is shown on the cover here, but, that issue actually had Marilyn Monroe on the cover!

The hunt for UFOs is on!!..

The big climax is that tired old archive footage of the cluster of objects roaring past the water tower, in 8mm color, wow!

Well, there you have it! My dad always said that UFOs were man made, I agree... Happy Birthday to Eegah!! and my son, Erik!


EEGAH!! said...

"The Flying Saucers Will Always Be There!"

MidNite CinePhile said...

Oh man, I must have seen that footage of the UFO's by the water tower a million times now....but I can't help but think about how that might have effected people in '56! That must have been a real trip for believers back in the day! I've always been a UFO fan and have a pretty open mind about them.....

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