Saturday, September 15, 2012

ANNO ZERO - GUERRA NELLO SPAZIO - Marcello Giombini - "War Of The Planets" (1977)

Tonight's Saturday Night Special is an odd little Italian Space Opera that's been released under different titles like "Cosmo 2000 - Planet Without a Name" and/or "Cosmo: War Of The Planets," and shouldn't be confused with the Japanese flick also released in 1977 titled "Wakusei Daisenso" or "War Of The Planets!" The Maestro of the Sword & Sandal and Giallo genres, Marcello Giombini, is the cat responsible for the Spaced-out sounds! Marcello has lent his talents to a fine line of films like "Kommissar X - Drei Blaue Panther," "Zambo, King of the Jungle, "Escape From Hell," and "Sexy Nights of The Living Dead!" I love this part, he sometimes is credited as Pluto Kennedy!! Now that's a cool All-American name for you!

Politics, race, religion, or even something as base as colour, the species known as man will always find something to disagree on!!

"Hey Capitan, did you here the one about......?"

"All right, give it up suckers, I've got six aces!"

All you kids under 18 might just want to change the channel for a minute of two right about here, because even though the movie just started getting going, it's already time for the big sex scene!!

"Damn it, I told you no beans!"

Okay, everybody relax, and don't try to look too stiff!!

I didn't even check to see who did the choreography on this film for all the dance numbers! "C'mon and do the Hokey Pokey!"

Check it out, everybody thinks Steve Jobs was such a genius! It's 1977, just take a gander at this cat's arm, and try and tell me that ain't an iphone 5!!!!

It's time to meet up with The Boss!!

Up close and in person, The Boss looks like a ventilator that overheated! I guess that explains why he's so pissed!!

"Can't we just all get along?"

This is one of my favourite whack shots of the year!! Makes great surrealistic wallpaper!!

I don't think this is up for debate, there's something about this shot that just ain't right!!!

I just thought the whole doughnut relay was simply amazing! I don't even know how it happened!

Time to get the Hell off this krazy planet in what amounts to another awesome exit scene!!

Nice closeup of the big red 'GO' button!!

The Big Bad Boss comes back as the X-Mas special at Toys-R-Us!

"This is going to be hilarious, hey everybody, guess which seat has got the electronic anal probe on it!"

"Man, I gotta go really bad, does anybody know where the john is?"

"Come on out from behind the curtain Bachelor #3! Now it's time to get ready for your all expenses paid vacation in Hell!"

Even if everything isn't going that great, it still feels good to be the guy that made it all happen, and in this case, it was John (SHE, TORSO, EYEBALL) Richardson as Captain Alex Hamilton! I had almost forgotten about this flick, I had it laying around here for years in a 4 DVD set entitled SCI-FI, and it's pretty easy to find if you're interested in completing your Science Fiction collection before the end of the world!!


Alex Jowski said...

Great screen shots. I have this movie on one of those 50 movie DVD sets from Mill Creek and yours is clearly a better looking copy.

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Thanx Alex! Yeah, my SCI-FI set only had 14 movies on it, so I guess they could afford a little better quality!

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