Wednesday, September 5, 2012

PASSWORD: UCCIDETE AGENTE GORDON - Piero Umilani - "Don't Give In, Play To Win!" (1966)

The title of tonight's Wacko Wednesday flick contains a not so subliminal message, that I'm sure somebody out there is bound to figure out! Pass it on!

I was going to try and do "Password: Kill Agent Gordon" vs. "You Only Live Twice" but there was just no comparison, so after about three attempts, I gave up! Roger Browne is secret agent Doug Gordon! Besides being a secret agent, Dougie is quite the ladies man!

He's got himself a new assignment as an agent, not a secret agent, but undercover as a talent agent!! The music that backs Agent Gordon up through this whole adventure was written by Piero (SMOG, DEATH AT THE DEEP END OF THE SWIMMING POOL) Umilani!! The song "You Play To Win" was written, and I'm assuming sung by, Carol Danell, who was also an actress and in the Sci-Fi flick "Il Pianeta Degli Uomini Spenti," or "Battle Of The Worlds!"

Doug's first film was "13 Fighting Men" back in 1960, and from there it was sword and sandal city for at least five years in roles such as Mars, Glaucus Valerius, Marcus, Valerio, Fabio, Marcus Aulus, and Mars!

I never have been able to get it how these guys can fight in a suit and tie, I have enough problems just putting one on!!

Pretty tough assignment as you can well see!!

The smokin' hot Rosalba (LADY FRANKENSTEIN, THE DEVIL'S WEDDING NIGHT) Neri is Amalia! Kind of makes you wish smoking didn't kill you!

It's the old "room service brings you acid instead of alcohol" routine! To this day I don't trust room service!

Agent Gordon finds out the bad guys are smuggling guns, not water and minerals!

Luckily for Agent Gordon, there was also a big black market bowling ball smuggling operation going on!

Of all the things I never want to do in my life, getting smacked in the face with a bowling ball is right up there at the top of the list!!

Rosalba's part in the film is cut short!

Agent Gordon is master of many fighting skills including the ability to toss his opponent into a stack of tires, or smashing their face directly into the nearest wall!!

Helga (THE BLANCHEVILLE MONSTER, NIGHTMARE CASTLE, MR.X) Liné is Karin, and she's got herself in a bit of hot water!

Agent Gordon is also a master of disguise!!

Doug has had enough, this next guy is over and out!!! Bad guys just never seem to learn!

Franco (TRUSTING IS GOOD...SHOOTING IS BETTER) Ressel has the role of the cross dressing Kastiadis and/or Albert Kowalski!! Talk about chomping on the drapes!!

Unlike James Bond, Agent Gordon doesn't need any fancy special gadgets, he has the ability to destroy his opponents with whatever is at his disposal, like in this case, a fire extinguisher!!!

Go on ahead and get it over with, Torch it already!!!!!


Jay Shatzer said...

Damn this looks fun. I love a good Roger Browne spy outing, plus you can't go wrong with Rosalba Neri and Helga Line! I'll have to hunt this one down. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

The pleasure is ours Jay!!

janclerques marinho de melo said...


Monster Music

Monster Music
AAARRGGHHH!!!! Ya'll Come On Back Now, Y'Hear??