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THE SLIME PEOPLE / Joseph F. Robertson Productions - 1963

Welcome to Monster Monday with Tabonga, here at The Dungeon!.. Tonite's offering is a redo of a post we did way back in July, 2007! This is a top-10 bad movie for me, I love it to death...

It stars Dungeon fave Robert Hutton, who also directs, and was shot mainly in Lancaster, California. Worth noting, the other movies produced by Joseph F. Robertson are THE CRAWLING HAND and AGENT FOR H.A.R.M.

Whotta tagline ~ "Up from the bowels of the earth come... THE SLIME PEOPLE!" ~ On a nostalgic note, I used to own that very nice 1-sheet poster shown there.

Lou Foman gets the composing credit, and, it's his only one!.. But, you can enjoy the soundclip anyway!

Lettuce bring in our fuzziest little Dungeon helper and button pusher, what else, Ralphie The Tarantula!.. Howdy there, Ralphie. Welp, according to the nuk-u-lur sun dial, itz tyme zu machen die Show gehen! So, push the big red 'GO' button there by the dirty laundry chute, now, Ralphie! Here's our Eariffic Soundclip for... THE SLIME PEOPLE!

Robert plays TV personality, Tom Gregory. Here, he talks to Prof. Galbraith and his lovely daughters, Lisa and Bonnie. Robert was also in THE MAN WITHOUT A BODY, THE COLOSSUS OF NEW YORK, INVISIBLE INVADERS, THE VULTURE, THEY CAME FROM BEYOND SPACE, YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE, TORTURE GARDEN, CRY OF THE BANSHEE, TROG and TALES FROM THE CRYPT! Awesome!!

Tom hitches a ride with the Galbraith's back to their place and they discover lots of death and destruction along the way. I wonder how her arm get draped over the door? There's a great impossible scene in THE BEAST OF YUCCA FLATS where Tor's in the back seat of that weird looking VW, choking the girl, when in actuality, he's supposed to be outside the car! By the way... Flag on the Moon!

KTTV Reporter Vince Williams interviews a local lady who has actually seen a monster kill somebloody! Vince is also in the studio introducing this segment!! I'm pretty sure that the woman is Blair Robertson, wife of Joe (I assume), and, writer of the movie!

Here's a rare photo of the poor sap that got trapped/frozen in the fog wall! Guess who? Right, Vince Williams!!

If anybody's listening, this is no joke!

As far as I can tell, the intoxicated bum in the studio was played by none other than Joseph F. Robertson, himself! This character always reminded me of Benny Hill.

Les Tremayne plays eccentric writer, Tolliver. We fondly remember Les in THE WAR OF THE WORLDS, FORBIDDEN PLANET (narrator), THE MONOLITH MONSTERS, FROM THE EARTH TO THE MOON (countdown announcer), THE MONSTER OF PIEDRAS BLANCAS, THE ANGRY RED PLANET, KING KONG vs GODZILLA (narrator American version) and CREATURE OF DESTRUCTION! He also did tons of TV cartoon voices.

One day on the set, the smoke machine caught fire and exploded!

Tolliver has a close encounter of the 3rd kind with a Slime Person and changes his flippant attitude!

This part makes little or no sense, why are they trying to get away from people?! That lady bringing up the rear there looks like she could cause some problems!

Back at the market, Slime Boy tries to get inside, only to get it's slimy hand amputated by the door!

This part sends me to Flipsville! Bonnie has been kidnapped by the Slime People, so, Tom and Cal have driven up into the hills to try and find her. They jump out of the car at a random spot as a diversionary tactic, then, roll down a hill and come to rest at the bottom. They start hiking in an arbitrary direction in super thick fog. As they walk along, Tom notices something on the ground and picks it up. Behold, it's a lock of Bonnie's hair, so, they gotta be hot on the trail!! Like I said, Flipsville! Even crazier is, they find her and get her back!

It never hurts to have some arty shots!

Robert goes hand-to-hand with one of the Slimeballs!

This piece of crap is what's causing all the problems?! Anyway, you can watch and hear it let big foggy farts, burps and belches!

Prof. Galbraith grabs one of the creature's spears and chucks it at the infernal contraption, causing it to blow sky high!!

Immediately (and, incredibly), the fog disappears and the creatures just fall over dead!

Here's our real heroes, the dudes dressed up like THE SLIME PEOPLE, Bob Herron, Jock Putnam and Fred Stromsoe!

When the fog disappears, two of the things just croak and fall over, but, the last one faces up the hill and rolls straight back over it's big back fin, and then lands flat on it's face! They had to plan the stunt that way because it's totally hilarious when you notice it!

Of course, the Army shows up immediately to take credit!


Eegah!! said...

In Tom Weaver's interview with Robert Hutton, Robert said that he never got paid, and that "the man who played the monster most often was a friend of Joe Robertson's, and he was drunk the whole time. And he was very good as a slime man because he stumbled around and it looked real good!"

Unknown said...

Slowly indeed I regret that I the in English languages space born and have not grown up, as this film was not published in Germany. I believe I will visit a night school over again to learn in English in such a way that I can see films in English. Since to understand only pair of words and never the sense, gives no pleasure ^^

Douglas McEwan said...

In 1974, we ran The Slime People one week on the Los Angeles TV show Fright Night with Seymour, and I wrote the script for our presentation. This means I had to watch it alone in a tiny little projection room, on 16mm, making notes for my script. I still have the script.

Your first screencap, of the guy speared on the beach, I used for a clip as Seymour mentioned that that guy "really got the point." The shot of Les Tremayne sitting on the car floor, distressed about the Slime People, with the lady's knees in his face I also used a clip of, with Les screamng: "They're horrible! Horrible!", only I placed it so that, re our joke, Les was talking about the legs. Seymour: "Apparently He's never seen a woman before." Les Tremayne: "My GOd, They're horrible! Horrible!"

My favorite line was Seymour saying, after the film ended: "I don't know why the Slime People were so hard to kill. All you had to do was reach behind and unzip them."

I found myself standing behind Les Tremayne in a long, SLOOOOW line at the Hollywood unemloyment office once, and had a lovely, nice long chat with him. The Slime People did not come up (though this was at least 10 years after the TV broadcast, so I was well aware of what I'd done with him in that clip), but we did talk alot about War of the Worlds.

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