Friday, November 11, 2011

LA CASA DE LOS ESPANTOS / Estudios América - 1963

Welcome to Friday Night Mexican Drive-In Theater with Tabonga, here at The Dungeon!.. This movie is a follow up to BRING ME THE VAMPIRE from the same year. It also has a similar storyline, along the lines of THE OLD DARK HOUSE, only, goofy Mexican style. The American title is HOUSE OF THE FRIGHTS!

The music's by Enrico Cabiati, who had a great career in Mexican cinema starting in 1939 with 110 composing credits which include titles like NEUTRON, THE HOODED MEN FROM HELL, NEUTRON vs DR. CARONTE, THE INCREDIBLE FACE OF DR. B, BRING ME THE VAMPIRE, ACAPULCO A GO-GO, HOUSE OF EVIL and THE FEAR CHAMBER.

Letz bring in our little Friday Night helper and button pusher, fer shure, Rufus The Gnat!.. Zup, Rufus!.. Awrat then, the little guy has his puny claw ready, so, push the big red 'GO' button right there, now, Rufus, and start the soundclip! Here's... LA CASA DE LOS ESPANTOS!

Here's a shot of the front door at... House Of The Frights!

You can figure out what's going on here with this artist and his model all by yourself!

Wait, he sees this?!.. Go figure. Small note, as an artist, I would never be caught doing art wearing a corduroy jacket, it just ain't right!

This guy was in BRING ME THE VAMPIRE, where he also swings out to a similar tune with that smokin' hot wild melted guitar you hear in the soundclip!

Dude struts his stuff only to be told that he stinks by the talent agent!

Love the curves going on here!

Okay, enuf fun already, let's get down to bidnezz. Everbloody meets at la Casa to hear a will being read, and...

What else, the uncle with all the dough gets moidered!

And, guess what? One of us is responsible!!

Yep, gots some fake vampires too!

I'll give you one guess what Holmes there has his spy glass focused on!

Uncle comes back as a ghost to help solve his murder.

What the Hell, there's always time for a dance number in the waiting room.


Good shit here!

The fun and games just seem to never end!

A face familiar in a ton of classic Mexican Monster Movies.

There's nothing funny about being clonked in the head by a ball-peen hammer!

Leave it up to the Mexicans to come up with such an elaborate way to deep-six somebloody!


Prof. Grewbeard said...

this looks like lotsa fun!

Unknown said...

And again a film which was never published in Germany. Slowly I think that we see Germans really only 20% of all films.

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

At least in Germany, all the Edgar Wallace films are readily available!

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