Wednesday, November 23, 2011

SALT AND PEPPER - Sammy Davis Jr. - "I Like The Way You Dance" (1968)

I think it's about time to lighten up this joint a little bit, and spice things up with some "Salt and Pepper!"

Ratpack member, the amazing Sammy Davis Jr. is Soho nightclub owner Charles Salt!! As is the nature of the beast, we often show stills of people smoking cigarettes, which was a natural social phenomena back in the 50's and 60's! Me and Tabonga both smoked a goodly portion of our lives, and are probably lucky to still be breathing! Sammy Davis Jr. had a four pack a day habit, and died of throat cancer at the age of 64! So, it's like Wow, he smoked that much and still lived that long, or Jeez, if he hadn't smoked, he would have lived to be 106! Best advice, just don't start!

Fellow Ratpack member Peter Lawford is co-owner Christopher Pepper! Peter Lawford will always be embedded in my memory bank as Nick Charles, "The Thin Man," a TV series that ran from 1957 to 1959 and also featured the awesome Phyllis Kirk as his wife Nora Charles, and of course, Asta the Dog!!The more astute of you will have figured out that indeed, the black man is the white spice, and the white man is the black spice, unless you try and squeeze Cayenne into the equation!

As displayed in last weekend's feature, making out in public in Britain was the swingin' thing to do in the 1960's, because everybody knows that "England swings like a pendulum do" - Roger Miller

There's a dead body in the guy's club, a female secret agent, and somebody has taken away her number and name!

Sammy Davis Jr. is an enigma! He had a notorious reputation back in the day, because he was boldly and publicly married to May Britt, a white woman! Besides the world famous Heavyweight boxer Jack Johnson, that just wasn't being done that much, and sure wasn't appreciated by an intolerant and naive public, and yet he was still quite popular!! Sammy had that weird look because his left eye was glass, due to a car crash in 1955, and he wore an eyepatch for awhile, but was eventually convinced that he didn't need it by Humphrey Bogart!

"Salt and Pepper" shows a cool rockin' side of Sammy, much more akin to The Isley Brothers than to the Gawdawful hit song Sammy had in 1972, "The Candy Man," that makes me shiver just to think about!

Sammy Davis Jr. was the son of a vaudeville star who was actually named Sammy Davis Sr. Sammy was a multi-talented, multi-instrumentalist who was kind of like Howard the Duck, he lived in a world he didn't create, but he made the best of it, and he wasn't billed "The Greatest Living Entertainer In The World" for nothing!!

This is a shot from the other side of the street, a gentlemen's club, where the clientele is so stuffy, they can die reading the paper, and nobody notices or really even cares!

Eyepatch and Scar, obviously the bad guys!!

THE worst green screen backgrounds I have ever witnessed in my life! Totally unbelievable in scope and substance!

Upgrade the cool quotient, the wild toad's car is amphibious to boot, unless it gets riddled with bullet holes, and leaves our heroes stranded!

Just have a good time, and don't expect anything serious!

Oh Crap! Sammy just shot and killed Peter's naked girlfriend, because she was just getting ready to kill him!

Doesn't it all look too perfectly comfortable? TV's on, tie loosened, shoes kicked off, and the latest edition of your favourite daily rag is in hand! Life in 1968 was good!

Really? My how security has changed in a few short years! This film was shot in the colour of 1960's gullible!

I guess when your daily life consists of hangin' out with Frankie, Dino, and Joey, it takes something a little extra to put some bang into your life!

Well, at least nobody got hurt in the end, if you want a mild diversion from your normal daily routine, you might want to check it out streaming on Netflix! Prefect for the holidays, if you know what I mean!!


R. Claude said...

Waouh, a great tune !

Eegah!! said...

Qui René, I thought so too!!

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