Monday, November 21, 2011

LADY FRANKENSTEIN / Condor International Productions - 1971

Welcome to Monster Monday wif' Tabonga, here at The Dungeon!.. Tonite we gots another in the very long line of FRANKENSTEIN flicks, it stars Joseph (FROM THE EARTH TO THE MOON) Cotton and Rosalba (HERCULES IN THE HAUNTED WORLD) Neri. Mel (ATTACK OF THE CRAB MONSTERS) Wells directs, it had, get ready, 7 writers and 7 producers!

The music is by Alessandro Alessandroni, he has a total of 49 composing credits which include titles like YOUR TURN TO DIE, HELLO GLEN WARD.. HOUSE DICK, THE MAD BUTCHER, THE VIRGIN OF BALI, SINBAD AND THE CALIPH OF BAGHDAD, WHITE FANG AND THE GOLD DIGGERS, WOMEN'S CAMP 119 and PORNO EXOTIC LOVE.

From the look on the Atomic Clock there, well, it looks like it's time to bring in our little fuzzy Dungeon fiend and button pusher, Ralphie The Tarantula!.. Okay Ralphie, letz start the show, sooo, push that big red 'GO' button there, somewhere in the clutter, now, Ralphie! Here's our cool soundclip for... LADY FRANKENSTEIN!

It's pretty much the same old story... When Dr. Frankenstein is killed by the monster he's created, his daughter and elderly lab assistant continue his experiments. They attempt another transplant, this time the assistant's brain in to the muscular body of a retarded servant, in order to prolong his life. Meanwhile, the original monster seeks revenge on the grave robbers who sold Dr. Frankenstein the body parts.

Dr. Frankenstein and his assistant, Charles, break in their new mad lab...

Discovery can be very absorbing... And, bloody!

It's amazing how bad the dummy getting the brain looks!

Luckily, there was an electrical storm that night! Otherwise, they'd have to give the theater audience their money back!

My big boy!.. Come give daddy a hug!

Honey, not so tight!....

It has sort of a COLOSSUS OF NEW YORK appearance, olive drab is always a good color for monster garb.

So, what do you want me to say?.. It's freakin' Italian!!

That's what you call, 'dying for some barbecued ribs.'

And, the killing doesn't stop there!

She's a mad-in-love scientist as she works away on her new science project!

The thing doesn't take too kindly to being confronted by the angry townspeople.

This is really a great part, the monster picks up some building facade and tosses it onto those two guys there! Then, he plows through a brick wall!! ..Damn!

Makin' the case for Big, Strong an' Ug-ly!!

The angry crowd make their way inside the Frankenstein castle.

Lady Frankenstein does the thing in with a sword through it's putrid guts!

The mob breaks in and sets the place ablaze, what else. Lady Frankenstein and her new man don't care about anything except their love, they lay in a bed of passion as Rome burns. You can see their legs at the bottom right in the last pic.


Mr. Banane said...

Oh, this Film i must see.... it looks very very great^^

Christopher said...

Alessandro Alessandroni was also the whistler on all the Sergio Leone's and other spaghetti western soundtracks and Italian genre films..

anonblog said...

hey, i love those zombie movies, nice blog!!

TABONGA! said...

Thanks anonblog, stay tuned!

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