Monday, June 13, 2011

PARASITE / Embassy Pictures Corporation - 1982

Welcome to Monster Monday with Tabonga, here at The Dungeon!.. Tonite's weirdo feature was originally released in 3-D, and, a flick that I actually saw at the time, a totally depressing story to say the least. I sold my 3-D PARASITE glasses on eBay, they had clear lenses. This film had a huge technical crew that includes Stan (ALIEN) Winston!

Here's the story... Our hero (?), Paul Dean, has created a deadly parasite that is now inside him. He has to find a away to destroy it while trying to avoid local punks and an evil government agent called a Merchant.

The appropriate music is by the producer's bro, Richard Band. You'll remember Richard's compositions in LASERBLAST, THE DAY TIME ENDED, GHOULIES, TROLL, TERRORVISION, SHADOWZONE, SHATTERBRAIN and HIDEOUS!

Our lil' Dungeon pal, Rufus The Gnat, is waiting over by the popcorn machine, and, he's ready to start the show! So, push the 'GO' button, Rufus, here's... PARASITE!

Paul Dean gets a cold reception when he goes to the desert, that's where he can hide from the Pentagon, they want the parasite inside him to use as a weapon against their political opponents!

This is about the best friend Paul's gonna find in these here parts!

When Paul gasses up, he has to pay in silver! The inattentive attendant there is Scott Thompson, one of THE KIDS IN THE HALL.

Then, Paul rents a room from Miss Daley, played by Vivian Blaine, who was also in GUYS AND DOLLS.

Paul's little buddy likes to kick!

Al Fann, as Collins, serves up lot's of memories, mostly bad ones, as he yaks away about the good old days!.. Al was also in THE FRENCH CONNECTION, GOD TOLD ME TO, RETURN TO HORROR HIGH and THE BITE, besides doing a ton of TV work including cartoon voiceover like in A PUP NAMED SCOOBY-DOO.

The punks come in from under a rock to hassle Paul and Collins. Ricus, leader of the misfits, shows everbloody the tatoo he got at a government workcamp...

Fun stuff here!..

This was only Demi Moore's second role in film, here she plays wholesome Patricia Welles. She gets the holy crap beaten out of herself, later, by the Merchant.

I love this old garage away from town the punks call home.

Idiot Boy wuntz two bee tha furst won too phynd owt whutz ensyde...

The moral here!..

Don't give a Merchant the bird, jackass!

Back at the ranch, Idiot Boy is dead and the Parasite is now eating away on one of the girls!

You're next!!!

Iz'zat teeth?!!..

The Parasite is now attached to the Merchant!

Ghoulnight Everbloody!!..


Bonhomme said...

Often heard of this one but never had seen anything pass a synopsis and poster art.

Thanks for posting, the monster is awesome!

SCB said...

This was the first movie I saw on Laser Disc.

MIke Brandon said...

OOO. I have to call you out as wrong on one of your factoids!

the gas station actor is Scott Thomson (not "Thompson)

and he is definitely NOT the actor who went on to be one of the Kids In The Hall.

check it online.


Eegah!! said...

Fact checkers, we love you guys! I think I'll do a post one of these days, and make up all the information, and see if anybody catches it! It's very cool that people actually pay attention!

MIke Brandon said...

I love this blog with horrific passion, BTW!

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