Friday, April 29, 2011

STANLEY / Crown International Pictures - 1972

Welcome everbloody to Friday Night Drive-In with Tabonga, here at The Dungeon! Tonite's feature is about a dude that just wants to get away from civilization to live with his serpentine swamp friends, and, his favorite is the one he calls... STANLEY. Also, we're throwing in a classic MIGHTY MOUSE cartoon at the end, since we're at The Drive-In!

There are no credits for music, but, Steve Alaimo and Bobby Radeloff were composers of the sappy music. Surely, Steve was the singer.

Awrat, then!... Lettuce bring in our fuzzy lil' fiend and 'GO' button pusher, who else... Ralphie The Tarantula!! He's here to start our Eariffic Earclip for... STANLEY!

Chris Robinson plays snake lover, Tim Ochopee. Chris was, get this... THE BEAST FROM HAUNTED CAVE in 1957!! I totally remember that article in an early issue of FAMOUS MONSTERS! (I used to have a complete set of 'em!)

I dunno... Those two pics seem to contradict each other! The drunk there, uncredited Charles Kaufman, looks a lot like Dungeon actor, Rodney Lee, aka THE CREEP and bald evil assistant, Pluto, in SILVER ANGEL vs THE DEATH ZOMBIES.

What a bizarre love triangle, Tim has the hots for over-the-hill exotic dancer, Gloria Calvin, played by Marcia Knight. Marcia played Jim's Woman in THE BEAST OF YUCCA FLATS and the deadly, Suzy Belmont, in THE SKY DIVERS, both of those were great MST fodder! Oddly enough, RED ZONE CUBA is my favorite MST cut-up! We love you Coleman Francis!! Rey Baumel plays her horny, ass-hole manager.

Here's Steve Alaimo as bad guy, Crail Denning. I remember watching Steve on KMAK Caberet on Channel 47 out of Fresno in the early sixties. I also remember him saying that he didn't like the song he was singing, but, the record execs were forcing him to! He also appeared on WHERE THE ACTION IS five times in 1967.

This is the super nutzo... Psycho Simpson! Psycho's played by Paul Avery, who was a cameraman in SUPERMAN, and was in TV episodes of THREE'S COMPANY, SOAP and TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE.

Tim patiently watches as two of his tormentors get their just deserts, a big mud pie in the mush!!

Psycho goes into Tim's pad and kills some of his beloved pets. A few minutes later, though, Psycho ends up snake bit and floating face down in the water!

Gloria decides to bump up her act by biting the head off a live snake...

Unfortunately for her, Tim was watching the show, and, you just don't do that to one of his homies! So, he tosses a few of the biting critters on her while she's in bed, touché!!

There's more fun in store for the number one jerk, Thompkins, played perfectly by the popular and still working, Alex Rocco!

Thompkins dives in the pool and finds to his chagrin that he's surrounded by a pile of deadly snakes. Watching this scene is hair raising as you see the things bite him relentlessly, wild!!!

Tim gets rough with his girl, and, Stanley bites him in the face. I won't show what Tim does next...

Tim goes berserk and starts the place on fire, so, girlie's outta there!

Here's a flick where nobloody wins!!

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