Friday, April 8, 2011

BRAIN TWISTERS / Crown International - 1994

Welcome everbloody to Friday Frights with Tabonga, here at The Dungeon... Tonite we gots a flick from 1994, filmed in Scranton, PA, with Crown International as it's distributor, even!

The story's about a college professor who's working with a private company to develop mind-altering software, and, conveniently uses his own students as lab subjects! They watch colorful geometric graphics that look like they were created on some outdated computer system, but, can eventually turn them into vicious maniacs.

The music is by Larry Gelb, who had a grand total of 3 composing credits! I guess there wasn't much demand for music created on an outdated synthesizer, either...

Well, okay then, lettuce bring in our lil' 6-eyed fuzzy freek, Ralphie The Tarantula!! He's here for one reason, and, one reason only, and, that is, to be pushing that big red 'GO' button over there, located conveniently near the water fountain! Hit the button, Ralphie, here's our Eariffic Earclip, an ear full of BRAIN TWISTERS!

When Dr. Rothman isn't developing his software, he's making class for his students extra fun by using real skulls as props! Actually, he's acting all scientifical, trying to impress the girls with his vast knowledge of...

The first victim of getting his brain twistered is this dude that jumped out a 3 story window! But, it's just another day at work for the janitor...

What a cool picture!

Ooooooooo, Mr. Calgon, stop it!..

Well, what do you know, this flick actually has some monsters in it!

But, they interrupted her bubble bath, and, she's pissed!!

The doc goes to a nightclub for some fun, but, better be careful, he's been watching the pretty colors, too!

In a second, the doctor turns around and shoots that guy behind him in the head, because he thinks he's following him!

These 2 pictures don't really go together, but, they should!

Wow, this guy's a pretty good artist!

Does anybloody know what in the Hell those are?!! Looks like soft serve dipped in red wax! Hmmm, must be a regional thang.


This nerd's not having a very good sexual experience with this super horny chick, since she's biting his tongue in half!!

And, obliviously... You're next!!

I'll be right there... MOTHER!!!

The software's now in kid's games. Shades of HALLOWEEN III.

Ghoulnight Everbloody!!..

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The Intellect Rotator said...

Looks like a real mind bender!

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Monster Music
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