Friday, April 22, 2011

BLOOD MANIA / Jude Productions - 1970

Welcome everbloody to Friday Night Drive-In with Tabonga, here at The Dungeon! Tonite we gots the second billing from this Crown international 'BLOOD' oriented double bill...

The plot's about a sex-crazed rich girl who tries to hasten her father's death because she wants to use the inheritance to provide for her loser boyfriend. But, her sister ends up with most of the money!

The tagline reads... See it - Feel it - Taste it - Once you have had it you will never be the same!!!

And, also known as PORNOMANIA. Gary Kent was production manager!

The effective music is by Don Vincent, who had a total of 5 composing credits, and, this was his only horror film. The psychedelic music is by anybloody's guess!

Now, it's time to bring in our littlest Dungeon pal and button pusher, yes... Rufus The Gnat! He sez he's all ready to start our Eariffic Earclip for... BLOOD MANIA!

Eric Allison plays the dying Mr. Moneybags, Ridgeley Waterman. With a name like Ridgeley, you know he has money. No little person would ever name his kid, Ridgeley!! Of course, he's a total jackass and likes to bully people around!

There's plenty of naked bodies to be gandered at!

DOH!!.. Why, Mrs. Robinson, you're not wearing any...

1970... Sez it all!!

Amyl Nitrate was popular when I was stationed at Fort Lewis in 1968. I knew a specialist who liked to pop a capsule while driving his car!! He worked at the dispensery and had a pet rabbit.

Eek!.. I don't think I should have swallowed that razor balde!!

Euro Suave! Cinematography was by Gary (SATAN'S SADISTS) Graver and Robert (THE ASTRO-ZOMBIES) Maxwell. Camera work was by award winning King of the Grips, R. Michael Stringer.

Intermission time, boys!..

Dude, that's not MOTHRA, quit freaking out!..

We're at a Country Fair in the Topanga Hills, or, somewhere! Sure, look thru, and, be a goofus to the 3rd power!

Dude, just take the stupid thing and shoot it yourself!.. Security!!

Damn, where's Dick Cheney when you could actually use him?!!

I wonder what she's working on!

Here's a couple of nice shots before Gail gets her head bashed in.

Actions have consequences! Loverboy gets to dispose of the sister's body.

I dunno... I just woke up like this!

Knock, knock... Who's there?.. Boo!.. Boo who?.. Oh, I'm sorry I made you cry!

Ghoulnight Everbloody!!..


Greg Goodsell said...

Wrote a story on Peter Carpenter back in the day -- his masterpiece is POINT OF TERROR! Check it out.

Prof. Grewbeard said...

blondie needs to pull her drawers up!

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