Saturday, April 2, 2011

L' ÉVENTREUR DE NOTRE-DAME - Bénichou/White - "Just Make It" (1979)

I'm a big Jesus Franco fan, but honestly, "L'éventreur de Notre-Dame" or as it was released here, "Exorcism" is nothing more than knives and knudity, and it's actually shocking because this is pretty much the worst film I've seen this year, or last year, and probably the year before! April Fool!! Oh, that was yesterday, sorry, I really meant it!

It's pretty cool to see Jess Franco star in his own film, but the novelty wears off like novacaine, and the pain quickly comes back again!

Crusing around Belgium in a 1969 Chevy; I guess they didn't have any "Colour Galore" or Earl Scheib $29.95 paint jobs available!

Credit where credit is due, cool lookin' stairwell!!!

"Down to the nightclub, bumpty, bumpty, bump!" - Tower of Power

The music by André Bénichou and Daniel White is by far the high point of the whole mess, and pretty damn good to boot!! André's credits are all in French, Daniel White is a musical icon here in The Dungeon for his work on such titles as "The Seven Secrets Of Sumuru," "The Diabolical Dr. Z," "The Blood Of Fu Manchu," and "Oasis Of The Zombies, and on top of all that, Dan was a great actor too!

I get the vibe that deep down inside, Jesus feels the same way that I do about the whole production!! It's like, Jesus, I could have been steaming some Brussel Sprouts!

Sneaking around, hiding in the bushes, Jesus thinks this group of people are a bunch of Satanists, or that's what it would seem to be.......

.......But in reality, they're just a bunch of ugly high-brow pervs getting their jollies by watching a fake Satanic rite, so they can get all turned on and have one big orgy!!

Seriously, do you really want to see this guy naked?

Jess's main squeeze Lina Romay is naked about 70% of the time she's on the screen, and about 90% of the time, she doesn't have on any drawers, and she's on the screen about 60% of the movie! Do the math!

Lina's semi-clothed so much, it's actually sexier to see her in a shot like this!!

Knock, Knock!! Who's there??

It's me, Jesus!!

Jesus who.........??

Arty farty, mighta choked Stymie, but it ain't gonna choke Eegah!!

Überviolence and nudity without substance is like dreaming when you're awake! You run into walls!! Jesus Franco has directed 191 movies, obviously they can't all be prefect!


TABONGA! said...

Eegah!! doesn't want to brag, but he owned a red-orange '69 Chevy convertible! I even rode in it.

BTW - Love the car racing off at the end of the soundclip..

OVER said...

mY eX or yO Jism?

Prof. Grewbeard said...

this'n was funny!

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Thanx! I liked the Knock Knock joke!

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