Wednesday, April 20, 2011

LE GLADIATRICI - Roberto Nicolosi - "Thor And The Amazon Women" (1963)

Tonight's wild card feature is a little joker called "Little Hillary In Dreamland" or "Thor Vs. The Amazon Women," and is another notch in the garter belt of 'Female Dominated Society' type of flicks like "The Seven Secrets Of Sumuru," "The Cave Of Silken Web," "Bees In Paradise," and "The Girl From Rio etc."

It's a woman's world, so what could possibly go wrong?? Fashion and fetish are some of the most important parts of this Amazon world, but what's more important is the third F.........

.........Fighting!!! Now if this was about guys, I'd call them a bunch of pussies for having bows and arrows instead of machine guns, but since it's women I can't do that!

"My baby does the Hanky Panky!" Actually, it's more like "Last Kiss" because these girls are getting ready to go into battle!

As far as I can tell, The Amazons need to hone up on their social skills!

I forgot what this gal did to get herself into this predicament, but it wasn't horrendous enuf to justify this kind of behaviour! Elf, elf! Elf, elf, elf!

This is not my idea of a threesome!

The guy guards have got this groovy viking dude with big teeth as their backdrop!

Then the "Yokai Monsters" all show up like it's some kind of krazy dream!

Janine Hendy is "The Black Queen" and is one of those rare anomalies of today, a person you actually can't find out that much about! Much hotter than Rosalind Cash for my cash, albeit a tetch meaner, Janine was in 12 Italian titles that included "Mole Men Against The Son Of Hercules" and "Passport For A Corpse." Do a search, you're more likely to find something about bi-sexual health care in Fresno than you will about Janine!

"Ashes, ashes, all fall down!!" or "Dogpile on the rabbit," whatever your choice!

Do not trifle with Amazon wimmen, unlike stoopid male driven society, they do not mess around, and have many ways of dealing with people who get out of line, like this old fashioned stretchem til they squeak tool!

The rest of the guys in this flick are a bunch of little weenies!!

Suzy Andersen is Tamar, a ravishing beauty with great access to makeup! Suzy was in 13 flicks, one of which was the Boris Karloff klassic "Black Sabbath," where she played Sdenka in "The Wurdalak" segment!

Remember that guy Thor, who was in the title? He's been in trouble the whole way, and now it's come to this! He's on top of a big elevated platform, surrounded by spikes in a monster tug-o-war with the whole Amazon army, and if he gets pulled off the front, he does a nosedive into a flaming rancid vat!!

Tamar is busy battling for her own life in the small ring of this circus of thrills!

As the tug-of-war rages on, it's a good time to tell you that the standard sword and sandal music in this film was composed by Dungeon regular, Roberto Nicolosi! "Caltiki," "Black Sabbath," "The Evil Eye," and "Black Sunday" are just some of the titles in Roberto's body of work! It must be about time for us to compile a Dungeon Hall Of Fame!

After Thor defeats the Amazon army in the struggle-of-life, he upends the burning embers in their face! Joe Robinson is Thor! Joe and both his father and grandfather were world champion wrestlers. Joe was also a judo champion and a black belt in karate! This was one bad cat!!

Thor's best buddy and sidekick is Harry Baird as Ubaratutu. There was an earlier scene where Ubaratutu and The Black Queen were having a splendid relationship, and Thor had to literally carry him away! Harry's first role was in 1955 when he played a boxer named Jamaica in a film called "A Kid for Two Farthings."

The weenies are released and can now go out and conquer the whole rest of the world!

Ouch! The Black Queen takes one for the gipper with a spear thrown by Tamar!

Beauty remains supreme, and the Makeup Department consisting of makeup artist Marcello Di Paolo, wig maker Palombi, and hair stylist Lilla Polyák remain victorious!


zillagord said...

Didn't know Pat Benatar had been in films. Hit me with your best shot!

Prof. Grewbeard said...

Hell is for Amazons!

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

You know how it is guys, this Blog is a Battlefield!

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