Wednesday, February 9, 2011

CASA D'APUNTAMENTO - Bruno Nocolai - "House Appointment" (1972)

"The French Sex Murders" is my leading candidate for one of the worst titles ever! The literal translation "House Appointment" is equally idiotic, so I guess it doesn't matter!

I just got a brand new super-deluxe powerhouse computer, and Max high speed DSL, and it's all working together in harmony so well, that it can download an 11 MB file in 3 hours! It's really truly a miracle!!

"My heart is reeling, Uh, Oh!"

That there's some pretty shady looking characters, I guarantee!!

Well, it's French, it's Sex, and it's Murders, so what better place to get some action that down at the local brothel and massage parlour, the world famous "Maison Collette!"

A rather over the hill Miss Sweden 1950, Anita Ekberg is the Big Mama in charge of the whole place!

It's a regular funhouse if you know what I mean!!

Here's the whole reason this film is so much fun to watch, it's Robert Sacchi as Inspector Pontaine, and no, you're not seeing things, Robert is almost a dead ringer for Humphrey Bogart, and if that isn't enough, he even talks like Bogie too, and yes, he has used it to his advantage over the years, playing a Bogart like character in at least 6 other films or TV shows!

Here's another steadfast denizen of the Dungeon, Howard Vernon as the unpredictable Professor Waldemar!!

Professor Waldermar has got himself quite the swingin' little lab pad!!

The cool music is by the Maestro Bruno Nicolai, and you can search this site if you want to know more about him! His credits go on forever!

Have you checked out any floors in France lately??

This is a Giallo film, so you are going to have more than your fair share of this kind maniacal surgery, of course!

"Bright lights, big city, sure looks good to me!" - Jimmy Reed

It is literally impossible to have too many bizarre murders in a Giallo movie!!

Professor Waldemar has just about reached the end of his downward spiral!!

Robert Sacchi was born in 1941 in The Bronx, so he probably came by that voice naturally!

The movie ends up right where it started, with a wild chase scene up and around The Eiffel Tower, and down the fast lane!!

Man, I dig this shot! The cinematography was done up right by Mario Mancini and Gunter Otto!!

Robert has one last Bogiesque moment!!


TABONGA! said...

Pass the Giallo... hic!

Eegah!! said...

Time to break out the pruning shears again!!

Florian Defontaine said...

Robert Sacchi IS Humphrey Bogart ! Wonderful, beautiful !

He's an amazing actor .

Cheers !

Florian Defontaine .

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

It really IS quite uncanny!!

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