Saturday, February 5, 2011

NEVER TAKE CANDY FROM A STRANGER - Elisabeth Lutyens - "No Jean, It Wasn't Right" (1960)

I've been on a Hammer Thriller jag here lately, and why not? Hammer Horror has always been out front, while the Hammer Thrillers quietly go about their dirty little business in the background!

Tonight's Saturday Shocker is no exception, because what kind of monster is more hideous than a sexually perverted child killer? That's pretty shockingly off for 1960 or damn near any year for that matter!

It's called "Never Take Candy From A Stranger," except on Halloween, but even then, anymore, you have to watch out for all The Freakin' Creeps!

Alas, I must say that this is not a movie with any cool music, even though it's written by one of our fave composers, Elisabeth Lutyens. It's just dramatically creepy! Elisabeth wrote the music for a bevy of great flicks like "Paranoiac," "The Earth Dies Screaming," "The Skull," "The Psychopath, "Blood Fiend," and more!

It's really a straightforward tale, this bust and the perv in the window are the same guy, the town's founding father, and because who he is, they've been covering up his behaviour for years!!

Patrick Allen and Gwen Watford are Peter and Sally Carter, and Janina Faye is their daughter Jean Carter. Patrick went on to do a bunch of TV, and even was in 18 episodes of a 1971 TV show called "Brett" where he was the character in the title! Gwen was Martha Hargood in "Taste the Blood of Dracula," and her very first role was Lady Usher in the 1949 release of Poe's "The Fall Of The House Of Usher!" Janina played a child in a host of cool films like "Horror Of Dracula," "The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll," "The Hands Of Orlac," and "Day Of The Triffids" before going on to do a ton of TV herself!

Now, they're just going through the motions! The film conveys the feeling that this is all happening in some little backwards burg, but you can tell by the size of the city hall, that this is a fairly sizable community!

Bill Nagy does an excellent job as the A-hole son Clarence Olderberry Jr, which in essence makes him the "Younger Berry!" Bill managed to be in over 100 features like "First Man Into Space," "Goldfinger," and "Battle Beneath The Earth" before departing this planet for good at the age of 51! "Stick that in my face one more time, and I'll break it off!!" Clarence Jr's choice of transportation was a pretty nice Caddy!!

"Never Take Candy From A Stranger" has a fantastic look to it for one obvious reason, the cinematography was done by the master, Freddie Francis! Nice sunny day in Canada, somebody fetch me a Molsen's!(The film was really shot in the UK!)

Despite everybody in town trying to make it not happen, they bring the weird and creepy old man Clarence Olderberry Sr. up on charges of child molestation! Clarence was played by Felix Aylmer who had been acting since 1930, usually in more respectable roles like Governor, President, Colonel, Judge, Lord, Earl, or Priest!

Judged by a jury of guys who probably are all employed by the Olderberry family, is it any wonder Clarence is going to get off again?

It's only a short amount of time after the trial is over, that Clarence has another run in with the girls, and this time he's got more than candy for them!!

Tell me this isn't a horror story, it's just that the monster is in a genuine human form!!

Beautiful shot in an ugly movie, thanx Freddie!!

Is it any wonder that Frances Green as Jean's playmate Lucille, never acted again!

Clarence pursues the girls, and they look for a number of places to hide! This joint looks like a horror unto itself!

The chase goes on!!!

Wow, I would have never known that the Canadian Police had Rambler station wagons as patrol cars!! Awesome!!

So now, how do you feel Clarence, the old fart actually killed one of the girls! Good going buddy! What a jerk!


Greg Goodsell said...

In NEVER TAKE SWEETS FROM A STRANG|ER, Felix Aylmer is the most horrifying monster NOT to appear in a Hammer horror film.

TABONGA! said...

Hey, looks like our counter is ready to hit 1/2 million, here at The Dungeon - thanks, everbloody!!

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