Friday, February 11, 2011

THE LAST MAN ON EARTH In Color / Produzioni La Regina, Italy - 1964

Welcome to a special 'Colorized' Friday Frights with Tabonga, here at The Dungeon... This seminal tale by Richard Matheson stars super Dungeon fave, Vincent Price, and is the blueprint for soooo many more movies to come.

What happens is... Dr. Robert Morgan is the only survivor of a world-wide plague due to an immunity he acquired years ago while he was working in Central America. Now, he spends his time eradicating the bodies of the undead that have been brought back to life by the mysterious disease. After the sun goes down, he has to deal with the hellish zombies that have come out of their hiding places to seek him out.

So, enjoy the great stills and short soundclip from this far-out, fright-filled flick, in widescreen even!

Ralphie The Tarantula is ready to be pushing that big red 'GO' button way over there, conveniently located by the lil' blue steering wheel... Anywho, here comes our Eariffic Earclip for... THE LAST MAN ON EARTH!

Vinnie has to make his own calendar since all the 99 Cent Stores went out of business...

Each morning, he has to get rid of any bodies he finds lying around his house, stake them through the heart, and dispose of them at a burial site outside of town. Naturally, he has to make his own stakes.

But, before he can complete the job, he has to stop at the local gas station to replenish his supply of lighter fluid! Vinnie has a very cool 1956 Chevy station wagon to transport the bodies.

Actually, he's looking for garlic, go figure!

To get his mind off his troubles, Vinnie watches old 8mm movies of his family...

But, he remembers the terror of seeing his young daughter's body being burned in the pit.

Then, after his wife dies, he spares her the fate his daughter suffered and buries her in a shallow grave not far from his place, to his horror. So, he has to do it again, the right way.

His Chevy is trashed by the zombies, so, he scores this nice 1958 Ford station wagon for a replacement at a dealership. He's got good taste!

He takes a little walk during the day, to see what he can see... It ain't pretty!

Then, it happens! He befriends a stray dog, it bites him and he becomes infected! He notices the bacteria in his blood as he takes a look through his microscope.

Eventually, he meets Ruth in a park in the daytime and invites her to stay with him, since he thinks she doesn't have the disease yet.

The military police find out he's infected and chase him down.

Vinnie's finally cornered in the church, where they take care of him with one of their special spears!

Tune in next Friday with Tabonga for CARNIVAL OF SOULS in Color!

Ghoulnight Everbloody!!..


TABONGA! said...

No comments, incredible!

Retro Hound said...

Is this like The Omega Man?

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

First there was the novel by Richard Matheson 'I AM LEGEND' 1954 followed by the movies THE LAST MAN ON EARTH 1964, THE OMEGA MAN 1971, I AM OMEGA 2007 & I AM LEGEND 2007!

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